When it comes to off roading, Colorado is one of the premiere states to test you and your vehicle’s mettle against the great outdoors. Many of our Fort Collins auto repair clients come to us with their 4x4s before and after a big off roading trip. If you are a veteran off road enthusiast, or you’re just getting into the activity, here are some off roading tips to make things a little easier.

T.R.E.A.D. Lightly

We mentioned T.R.E.A.D. Lightly in our previous blog. Travel responsibly. Respect the rights of others. Educate yourself. Avoid sensitive areas. Do your part. Not only do these precepts keep everyone civil to each other, save the environment, and promote off roading around the world, but the organization also offers all kinds of advice, tips, and information on its website. Make sure to check it out periodically to stay updated on the latest news.

Travel in Groups

You don’t need to be an off roading expert to understand that getting stuck sucks. And while that expensive winch or pair of Maxtrax MIGHT get you out of a rut, there is no guarantee. Not only will getting stuck potentially waste your entire day, as well as cost a fortune in tows if you’re out in the middle of nowhere, it can also be dangerous both for you and your vehicle. That’s why it is so important to always go out on serious off roading ventures in groups. That way there will always be someone there to pull you out in a pinch, as well as having an extra vehicle and person available in case of emergency.

Less Is More

Many people who aren’t familiar with it may picture off roading as a giant 4×4 smashing through the environment at break neck speeds. In reality, this is not the case, and off roading happens at a much slower pace than many people realize. First off, we are talking about extremely expensive machines here. Very few people are willing to risk them by moving too fast on rough terrain. Second, going too fast is a great way to either break your vehicle or get stuck. The best way to get over challenging terrain? Slow and steady adjustments and incremental movement. That is what real off roading is all about.

Know Your Vehicle

Even people who throw tens of thousands of dollars into their trucks and SUVs (and don’t use them for commutes) get stuck and, unfortunately, lose their vehicles. Every vehicle has its limit, and to off road effectively you needs to know yours. Everything  how much power it has, to how much clearance it has should be second hand knowledge by the time you’re out on the trails.

Hopefully some of these tips prove useful out in the great outdoors. If you need auto repair in Fort Collins for your 4×4, or any other foreign vehicle, bring it on by our shop today. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions as well. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer them for you.