1. The Foreign Car Routine Maintenance Myth

    A lot of people shy away from foreign cars based on the assumption that these cars are more expensive to maintain. This is not the case in most instances, and, in fact, some foreign cars are less expensive to maintain that their domestic counterparts. How can this be the truth? Here’s a closer loo…Read More

  2. Google’s Newest Self-Driving Car

    Routine car maintenance is important no matter what kind of car you drive, but it might be even more important for a car that drives itself. Google has already announced a self driving car in the past, but now the company has come out with a newer version that’s smaller and relies on humans even l…Read More

  3. The New 330-HP VW Golf

    Golf owners tend to be proud of their cars, and rightly so - Golfs are fun to drive. But VW just came out with a new Golf that we’re betting you’re going to love even more than the one you have now. The new 330-HP VW Golf race car concept looks like a Golf, but has a lot more packed under the ho…Read More

  4. How to Find a Good Car Mechanic

    When it comes to auto repair, it’s not easy to find a mechanic that you can trust. Since you have probably spent a lot of money on your car (and use it to get from point A to point B), it’s important to find a mechanic that’s trustworthy but also reliable. There’s nothing worse than being st…Read More

  5. BMW’s New Series 7 Is Full of Tech

    BMW has always tried to put as much tech as possible into the company’s cars, but the new Series 7 really outdoes them all. This series is equipped with a ton of tech that you may love, but you might also find confusing. If you have the coin for a new Series 7, here’s what you can expect to find…Read More

  6. Is a Hybrid Car for You?

    Hybrid cars certainly have an appeal to anyone that’s trying to cut back on fuel costs. But recent sales of hybrid cars have been steadily dropping. Is this because people no longer care about fuel costs, or is it more likely that it’s difficult to justify the price of a hybrid car? Here’s a c…Read More

  7. Simple Ways to Check Your Car’s Fluids

    A large part of taking care of a car has to do with preventative maintenance. The more that you maintain your car (before there’s a big problem), the longer your car will stay running smoothly and in good shape. One of the easiest things that you can do to ensure that your car runs without a probl…Read More

  8. What Should Routine Maintenance Include?

    We talk a lot about routine maintenance on this blog, but what does that actually mean? Are there some things that you should do for routine maintenance regularly? If so, how often? Does it depend on the kind of car that you have? All of these questions are important, and we’re setting out to addr…Read More

  9. Why It’s Important to Wash Salt from Your Brakes

    Here in Colorado, we get some tough winters. That means that most of our roads are covered in salt from late November to late March. While salt can prevent accidents by making ice less slippery, there’s a bad side to salt too. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) has foun…Read More

  10. When to Repair Your Brakes

    How do you know when your brakes need to be replaced? Are there any signs that you can look for without heading to the garage right away? Driving a car that doesn’t have reliable brakes is a bad thing (it can mean a collision or other accident), but thankfully you can easily tell when your brakes …Read More

  11. Choosing the Right Kind of Oil for Your Car

    Cars need oil. That’s a fact that’s hard to ignore! But, what kind of oil is best for your car? How can you decide what type of oil to put in your car? Using the best kind of oil for your car is key to making sure that your car runs smoothly, and using the wrong kind of oil can have the opposite…Read More