1. Your Fort Collins Auto Shop And Car Safety

    New years Eve is a world wide party night. Its a night of celebration, of dropping balls and fireworks. Many pubs and clubs do some of their best businesses on New Years Eve. Meeting friends to ring in the new year, and bid farewell to 2014 is a celebratory tradition. Unfortunately, it is also a nig…Read More

  2. Exterior Car Care Guide

    Your auto technician in Fort Collins will take very good care of your maintenance and repair needs when it comes to your vehicle. This includes any mechanical issues, body damage, and quality routine care like an oil change or battery check. One item you, as the car owner, can easily address yoursel…Read More

  3. Automotive Maintenance For Teens

    With the fall comes a whole new crop of young drivers. Some are just getting their learners permit, others have managed to acquire  their first drivers license. Many will be taking drivers ed at school to help them learn all the legal and safety aspects of responsible driving. Some of our young dri…Read More

  4. Drive High In Colorado, And You Will Get A DUI

    Marijuana is now legal for both medical and recreational use in Colorado for those 21 years old and older, but driving high is not. As of January 1 in Colorado, you can use pot, but you better not drive under the influence of ganja, unless you are looking to get a DUI. The legal blood limit for acti…Read More

  5. What A DUI actually costs

    Not only does drunk driving exact a very heavy toll on traffic injury and cause a large portion of driving fatalities, it is very, very expensive. From the point of arrest, to a court hearing, a trial or a plea deal, fines, jail time, probation, mandatory counseling, and many other costs, the person…Read More

  6. Being Careful This Weekend Not To Get A DUI

    This is a very large weekend for the majority of the United States considering that the Super Bowl is going to be occurring. It’s a time of celebration when everybody comes together and competes to see which team is going to win. Regardless of teams that are playing, a lot of the population actual…Read More

  7. Some Basic Repair Advice for Keeping Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

    As someone who has been associated with car maintenance services for essentially all his life, I feel as though there are some things that should be introduced to the public that they don’t necessarily know about as far as common knowledge goes when it comes to giving repair advice. After all, the…Read More

  8. Keep Your Teens Safe With The Guardian Interlock System

    It's almost that time of year again: winter break. Your teen is home for a week or two from school, with nothing better to do than visit friends and stay out later at night. Though they say they're just going to the movies, how do you know that's the case? You might trust your teen completely, but k…Read More

  9. If Someone Asks You To Breathe Into An Interlock Device, Don’t!

    A Connecticut man has been charged with avoidance of an interlock device, after he was caught trying to enlist passersby at a local marina to help him start his vehicle by blowing into his ignition interlock device. Obviously, the man had been drinking and was not able to blow into the device himsel…Read More