1. Simple Ways to Check Your Car’s Fluids

    A large part of taking care of a car has to do with preventative maintenance. The more that you maintain your car (before there’s a big problem), the longer your car will stay running smoothly and in good shape. One of the easiest things that you can do to ensure that your car runs without a probl…Read More

  2. How to Clean Your Car Like a Pro

    Getting your car detailed will set you back a few hundred dollars, and not everyone has the budget at the start of each season to put down that much money on cleaning up a car. But, leaving those salt stains and other debris from the winter season isn’t good for your car either. The best solution …Read More

  3. Fort Collins Automotive Mistakes To Avoid

    Treat your car with car, and it can last a very long time, up to 200,000 miles. Also, a well and properly maintained car will perform better, experience less mechanical breakdown and failure, and cost the owner much less in upkeep. If you want to keep your car running efficiently and well, there are…Read More

  4. Quick and Easy Maintenance Tricks

    When it comes to adapting what we have on hand to deal with a mechanical issue or inconvenience, there are a few household items we can employ for quick auto fixes besides duct tape. Your Fort Collins auto repair shop probably does not use hand sanitizer to de-ice a frozen car lock, but who knows. C…Read More

  5. Automotive Maintenance For Teens

    With the fall comes a whole new crop of young drivers. Some are just getting their learners permit, others have managed to acquire  their first drivers license. Many will be taking drivers ed at school to help them learn all the legal and safety aspects of responsible driving. Some of our young dri…Read More

  6. How To Deal With Colorado Highway Construction

    There is a lot of road construction over the entire state of Colorado. You will find huge lines of irate drivers honking their horns (like that will do any good), and folks frantically on their cell phones calling their children's schools because they are going to be late. So, although, not a standa…Read More

  7. Fort Collins Automotive Emergency: What To Do When Your Car Stalls

    So many different things can cause a car to stall, but before calling your auto technician, ask yourself a question: Is the vehicle in question a GM? On February 7, 2014 GM recalled around a million of its vehicles due to a faulty ignition switch. This faulty switches can cause the engine to turn of…Read More

  8. The Best Car Sweepstakes For Spring 2014

    Want to win a really really cool set of wheels? Take a break from perusing the internet for auto repair or advice on foreign car service, and enter some sweepstakes and contests to win a brand new Corvette or Camaro. How about an ATV or an airplane? Some sweepstakes are better than others, for examp…Read More

  9. Can You Use The Internet To Maintain And Repair Your Car?

    When something goes wrong with your car, it is problematic, irritating and a little frightening. We tend to wait when a problem appears, hoping it will resolve itself or go away. If the car still runs, and we don’t have to tow it to our local car repair shop, we tend to want to try it fix the prob…Read More

  10. Keeping Your Car Healthy By Simply Listening To It

    Keeping your vehicle healthy is nowhere near as easy as people make it out to be. Cars are very finicky about what types of oil they take and the different types of repair mechanisms that are needed in order to repair them should something go wrong. It could even be said that keeping your car in goo…Read More

  11. Defensive Driving Tips To Help You Avoid Unnecessary Auto Repairs

    Anyone who has driven for any length of time knows that there are a lot of bad drivers out there. But, even if you are the best driver in the world (nice to meet you Mr. Andretti, can I get an autograph?), it’s still a good idea to learn some defensive driving techniques in order to avoid the expe…Read More

  12. Classes On Car Care For Women Gaining Popularity

    Let’s face it. Our country has come a long way from the days when women basically had two options: be a stay-at-home wife or stay-at-home mother. Today, women’s opportunities are much greater, although disparities certainly still do exist. But, what’s even more interesting is that even with th…Read More