1. Cold Weather Car Maintenance

    It can seem like our cars give us more trouble in the winter than other times of the year. They're not falling apart, trust us, they're just cold! We need extra clothing, home heating and several pairs of warm socks and a good coat to get ourselves through cold temperatures. Our bodies haven't chang…Read More

  2. Night Driving

    Your Fort Collins auto repair has seen plenty of banged up and damaged vehicles come into the shop as a result of accidents that occurred at night. What is it about night time that alters safety for driving? It’s not the cars. There are numerous factors which require us to be more alert when drivi…Read More

  3. When To Replace Or Trade In Your Car

    Most classic cars are generally always worth repairing. They are rare, and they retain their value. Then there is the whole selection of collector cars, something I'm sure most of us don’t have an abundance of. But if you do collect cars for pleasure, investing or rehab, this article is probably n…Read More

  4. What To Check For When Buying A New Or Used Car

    When it is time to purchase a new or used vehicle, how do we, as lay persons, know if a particular car has been well maintained, if it is safe to drive, and how much repair it may need in the years to come based on its age and condition? A brand new car may even have some quirks, just because it was…Read More

  5. Quick and Easy Maintenance Tricks

    When it comes to adapting what we have on hand to deal with a mechanical issue or inconvenience, there are a few household items we can employ for quick auto fixes besides duct tape. Your Fort Collins auto repair shop probably does not use hand sanitizer to de-ice a frozen car lock, but who knows. C…Read More

  6. Tips On Keeping Your Car Well Maintained

    When it comes to Fort Collins auto repair, the best advice your auto technician can give you is to stay on top of maintenance. Regular scheduled maintenance service may only come once or twice a year, thanks to better mechanical technology and cars that tend to purr along without needing a lot of ad…Read More

  7. Fort Collins Automotive Emergency: What To Do When Your Car Stalls

    So many different things can cause a car to stall, but before calling your auto technician, ask yourself a question: Is the vehicle in question a GM? On February 7, 2014 GM recalled around a million of its vehicles due to a faulty ignition switch. This faulty switches can cause the engine to turn of…Read More

  8. Avoid Auto Repair In Fort Collins By Changing Your Line Of Vision

    We get stuck in our habits, and this applies to how we drive our cars as well as what we prefer for lunch and what TV shows we find most engaging. When it comes to driving, unlike  which sub shop has the best tuna on rye, or what program will entertain us the most when we sit down and relax to watc…Read More

  9. Basic Auto Maintenance For New Drivers

    Your teenager is about to graduate from a learning permit to a drivers license; or even as an older person, you are getting your first car. It doesn’t matter how new or expensive any particular vehicle is, they all need the same things; regular maintenance and  a driver who practices good car car…Read More

  10. Fort Collins Auto Repair Basic Car Maintenance

    We can avoid some costly damages to our cars mechanical components just by maintaining the vehicle.  Start by knowing the maintenance requirements of your vehicle. Use your owners manual to access this information, or look online for a car care guide from the manufacturer of your car. You just migh…Read More