1. Autonomous Car Question: Do You Need a Map?

    Technology is moving faster and faster, almost seemingly overnight. You buy one phone, thinking it's the best of the best, and a week later, you see a commercial for something bigger and better. You purchase a car at your favorite Fort Collins automotive shop based on the features available to make …Read More

  2. Is Your Car Under Threat From Hackers?

    Gone are the days of cars with simple engines and motors. While they still exist and can be purchased used, today's new cars come complete with computers, delicate sensors, and a level of connectivity to various networks and even Wi-Fi that rivals your home. You might have learned of the complexity …Read More

  3. Standouts at the NAAS

    If there's one thing an auto show brings, it's interesting concept cars. It's always exciting to see what manufacturers plan to showcase, some cars seeming too futuristic to ever sit in Fort Collins automotive lots! But, hey, there’s an audience for every product, right? Well, that’s what some m…Read More

  4. My Car Smells Bad And Smokes, What Should I Do?

    When you get a fever, start coughing, and have no energy, you know you have a cold. But when your car starts smelling funny, making odd noises, and leaving puddles behind, you can’t just give it aspirin and let it lay around on the couch watching Star Trek until it feels better. How do you gauge y…Read More

  5. Self-Driving Cars Are Coming: What To Know

    It looks like the future is almost here. The reports about testing of self-driving or autonomous cars have been flooding in for the past several years and now it is looking like we really may not be that far away from a system in which your car would let you hang out and play a game of cards with yo…Read More

  6. Tesla Model S Catches Fire Near Seattle

    The electric car maker Tesla Motors has seen significant recent financial success with its stock prices rising over 400% in the last year since a highly-publicized IPO. However, a recent incident with one of the carmakers most popular models, the Tesla Model S, has proven to be sobering to investors…Read More

  7. 5 Interesting Car Facts You Didn’t Know

    America is undoubtedly a car culture. But, even with cars an everyday part of our lives, many of us are blissfully ignorant about how they work. This is okay most of the time, because we can entrust experts to help us fix our cars when we need an auto repair at our local auto shop, but it is always …Read More

  8. Toilet From Hitler’s Yacht Ends Up In New Jersey Auto Shop

    This is a strange one. It appears that a toilet from one of Hitler's most luxurious yachts now has a new home: a New Jersey auto shop. Yes, customers who stop in to Greg's Auto Repair for a car repair can also view a (disgusting) piece of history in an old toilet that the owner acquired from a frien…Read More