1. Tips for Driving A Manual Transmission In the Snow

    When it comes to snowy Colorado weather, the kind of car you drive can make a big difference with your safety and comfort on the roads. Many people opt for 4x4 or all-terrain vehicles, while others prefer to stick it out with their 2-wheel drive cars, but no matter how big your car is or what kind o…Read More

  2. Exterior Car Care Guide

    Your auto technician in Fort Collins will take very good care of your maintenance and repair needs when it comes to your vehicle. This includes any mechanical issues, body damage, and quality routine care like an oil change or battery check. One item you, as the car owner, can easily address yoursel…Read More

  3. Mountain Driving Guide From Fort Collins Foreign Car Service

    Mountain driving is a completely different experience than cruising through Kansas or traveling down to Texas.  Because of curves, changing altitudes, and driving through areas rich with wildlife, mountain driving in Colorado requires lower speeds, greater caution, and some knowledge regarding pu…Read More

  4. Cold Weather Car Maintenance

    It can seem like our cars give us more trouble in the winter than other times of the year. They're not falling apart, trust us, they're just cold! We need extra clothing, home heating and several pairs of warm socks and a good coat to get ourselves through cold temperatures. Our bodies haven't chang…Read More

  5. Get Your Car Ready To Go Watch Wildlife

    Enjoy watching our bountiful Colorado wildlife this fall without even having to leave your car if you don’t want to. This is a great time, before snows get deep and weather gets too frigid to watch our elk, bighorn sheep, antelope, moose and other animals. Our smaller creatures, like chipmunks, be…Read More

  6. How To Deal With Colorado Highway Construction

    There is a lot of road construction over the entire state of Colorado. You will find huge lines of irate drivers honking their horns (like that will do any good), and folks frantically on their cell phones calling their children's schools because they are going to be late. So, although, not a standa…Read More

  7. Advice For Driving In High Wind And Lightning

    The National Hurricane Service (NOAA) defines a high wind as the following: A high wind warning is defined as 1-minute average surface winds of 35 kt (40 mph or 64 km/hr) or greater lasting for 1 hour or longer, or winds gusting to 50 kt (58 mph or 93 km/hr) or greater regardless of duration that ar…Read More

  8. Safety Tips For Fall Driving

    If anything is predictable, it is that weather conditions will be unpredictable in the Fall. Here on the Front Range, we face a variety of seasonal driving challenges, and the Fall provides us with a few unique to the changing of the season from Summer to Winter. Days are getting shorter, the temper…Read More

  9. Hail, Wind, Lightning And Other Spring Weather Damage To Your Car

    We love Spring, when the snow melts, trees bud with the promise of aromatic and resplendent foliage, and we can say goodbye to tough Winter driving.  Yes, the snow pack and ice, the blizzards and freezing cold are on their way out, and fresher, warmer days are on their way  in. The problem is, tho…Read More

  10. 7 Tips To Avoid Road Rage This Holiday Season

    It's one of the most stressful times of year for most people. Of course, I'm talking about holiday season. Holiday parties, shopping trips, parades, special school events, and other holiday-related activities lead to more time spent traveling. You are probably already aware that visiting your local…Read More

  11. Car Help 101: 3 Quick Checks To Ensure Car Health During Winter

    When we talk about car health, what we are talking about is making sure that your vehicle is always running at peak performance and that every system and component on your vehicle is being maintained.  Why is it important to take advantage of a car maintenance service in order to maintain car healt…Read More