Cars need oil. That’s a fact that’s hard to ignore! But, what kind of oil is best for your car? How can you decide what type of oil to put in your car? Using the best kind of oil for your car is key to making sure that your car runs smoothly, and using the wrong kind of oil can have the opposite effect. We’ve put together a little oil guide for you to consider when it comes to selecting the oil that’s best for your car the next time that your car needs an oil change.

A Short Lesson in Oil’s Function

What does oil do exactly? Oil acts as a lubricant for all of your car’s parts. The main goal of oil is to not only lubricate your car’s parts, but also to cool certain parts at various times. Oil also keeps the pistons in your car moving, and helps to seal various parts of your engine. What happens if you ignore that “check oil” light and do not put oil in your car? Your car would seize and die in a matter of minutes. Yikes! So, as you can see, it’s important to make sure that your car gets the best oil possible – but what is that?

So Many Types

Have you ever walked into a garage or auto parts store to look for oil? If you have, you may have noticed that there are many different types and brands of oil out there. So many, in fact, that your head may begin to spin! What do all of those different labels mean?

  • Premium oil: this is the type of oil that is recommended for most new cars (make sure to read your owner’s manual to determine that this is the best type of oil for your car!). Premium oil comes in three different types including 5W-30, 10W-30, and 5W-20. Car manufacturers will tell you what kind of oil to use for optimal performance in your car, so make sure to read that warning before choosing an oil type. The numbers on the bottles refer to the viscosity of an oil, which is why they are all different.
  • Higher mileage oil: if your car has a lot of miles on it, this is the oil that you will want to choose. These oils have been specially formulated to seep into seals that may be dry or near cracking. This type of oil can prevent seals on older cars from cracking, which means that your car will last longer.
  • Synthetic blend oils: synthetics are mixed with organic oil for the sheer purpose of working with cars that are heavier or are operating in higher temperatures. Synthetic oils do not evaporate as quickly as organic oils, so they tend to last longer while also increasing the amount of mileage that an engine can get. Typically, synthetic oils work best with heavy SUVs and trucks.
  • Complete synthetic oils: these oils (not mixed with any part organic oil) were made for luxury sports cars. This oil works great at both high and low temperatures. The one reason to shy away from synthetic oil is if you don’t have a high performance sports car – they are expensive, and will not benefit engines that are not sports engines or high performance engines.

Let Us Choose for You!

It can be tough to figure out the oil market, but we can help. At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, our job is to make sure that the oil going to your car is the best possible oil for the make and model that you drive. Call us today to book an oil change appointment (part of routine maintenance) – we’ll make sure that you have the very best!