Auto Repair
(photo by robertstinnett via Flickr)

Everyone who drives a car, which is most of us in America, fears the day when they may have to shell out several hundred dollars for a major repair on their vehicle. Unfortunately, repairs are somewhat of a fact of life when you drive a car. Instead of fretting over having to get your car repaired every few years or so, you should probably be marveling over how your car only needs such infrequent service after being used almost everyday.

But, we know that humans don’t think that way. They want things to work right all the time. And when something goes wrong, we tend to kind of panic. That is doubly true when the issue involves shelling out a significant sum of money (something that nobody likes to do). So, here are a few tips to reduce the likelihood of spending a significant chunk of change on your next repair at your local auto shop.

  1. Make sure that you perform regular maintenance on your vehicle in order to keep it running smoothly and minimize the likelihood of a major issue. If you aren’t one of the DIY types who loves getting down and dirty under the hood of your car, bring it to us at your local auto shop for maintenance. The technician can give you any repair advice for issues at that time, so that you can get them fixed before they become a bigger (and more expensive) problem.

  2. Consider using a synthetic oil in your engine, or an oil that is specially designed for high-mileage vehicles if you have an older car. These can better protect the parts in your engine that move at several thousand RPMs for long periods when you’re driving.

  3. Make sure that your tires are properly inflated to prevent uneven wear and stave off other problems. The added bonus is that this will keep your MPGs as high as possible as well. Nothing kills your fuel economy quicker than tires which are under-inflated.

  4. Bring your car into the local auto shop at the first sign of an issue and get some repair advice. At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we stand by our honesty and integrity. We won’t give you repair advice that is dishonest or tell you we need to fix something that isn’t truly a problem. But, we can only save you from those more expensive repairs if you bring your vehicle in as soon as you notice that vibration, noise or light come on.

Don’t forget, an ounce of maintenance is worth a pound of repair. And it saves you money too!