1. Car Help 101: Your Pre-Summer Maintenance Check

    This summer, make sure that your vehicle is ready to take on the heat and all of the extra stress that comes with it by taking a few simple steps to ensure that your engine and the rest of the components on your vehicle are all up to snuff. There are a few components that you should always check whe…Read More

  2. Think Twice Before You Put Off That Auto Repair

    Many of us have done it. You see that ‘check engine’ light come on and you think to yourself, “Wow, wonder how much this is going to cost me?” Sometimes this fear of getting a car repair done can actually cause us to put off getting repair advice when we really might need it. Sure, it could …Read More

  3. What To Expect From Your Auto Repair Shop

    Most of us will end up requiring the services of a professional auto technician at least a few times a year. But, when you end up at the auto shop for your next car repair, what should you expect? What are the standards of honesty, performance and customer service that every repair shop should live …Read More

  4. Car Help 101: Understanding The Warning Lights On Your Car

    When that little light comes on in our cars, we all tend to panic a little bit. After all, the lights are typically not the most descriptive. They usually just say, ‘Check Engine’ or ‘Check Brakes” which is both vague and ominous. Am I okay to keep driving the car? What exactly is the proble…Read More

  5. Check Engine Light On: Repair Advice?

    So your ‘check engine’ or ‘service engine soon’ light is on in your car. When you spotted it your heart sank because you knew that something is wrong and that something might end up costing you a chunk of change at the auto shop. But, what exactly is the problem? Is it an issue with your eng…Read More

  6. The 5 Most Affordable Cars To Own

    When you are shopping for cars, you realize that you have to take affordability into account. That is, you want to buy the car that will make sense for your financially (as well as taking into account safety, reliability and the like). If you just go by what a car costs at the dealership, however, y…Read More

  7. Car Help 101: How To Diagnose Transmission Problems

    The transmission is the part of your car that houses the gearbox, clutch and the rest of the components which allow your vehicle to shift and translate the rotational movement of your engine into efficient movement for the wheels of your vehicle. Manual and automatic transmissions are quite differen…Read More

  8. Toilet From Hitler’s Yacht Ends Up In New Jersey Auto Shop

    This is a strange one. It appears that a toilet from one of Hitler's most luxurious yachts now has a new home: a New Jersey auto shop. Yes, customers who stop in to Greg's Auto Repair for a car repair can also view a (disgusting) piece of history in an old toilet that the owner acquired from a frien…Read More

  9. Rabbits Sabotaging Cars At DIA

    This is probably one of the strangest stories that I have read in quite a while, but CBS4 Denver is reporting that travellers who are parking at the Denver International Airport are returning from their trips to find that their cars have been...eaten? Yes, it appears that is exactly what is happenin…Read More