1. Safety Tips For Fall Driving

    If anything is predictable, it is that weather conditions will be unpredictable in the Fall. Here on the Front Range, we face a variety of seasonal driving challenges, and the Fall provides us with a few unique to the changing of the season from Summer to Winter. Days are getting shorter, the temper…Read More

  2. Car Emergency Kit Recommendations

    As we ease on out of summer, and into the fall, not only do we send our kids back to school, we just might be sending them on road trips to attend college or other events. Also, Holiday travel is coming up, with Thanksgiving and Christmas, and these festivities usually require spending some time in …Read More

  3. Fort Collins Automotive Emergency: What To Do When Your Car Stalls

    So many different things can cause a car to stall, but before calling your auto technician, ask yourself a question: Is the vehicle in question a GM? On February 7, 2014 GM recalled around a million of its vehicles due to a faulty ignition switch. This faulty switches can cause the engine to turn of…Read More

  4. Basic Auto Maintenance For New Drivers

    Your teenager is about to graduate from a learning permit to a drivers license; or even as an older person, you are getting your first car. It doesn’t matter how new or expensive any particular vehicle is, they all need the same things; regular maintenance and  a driver who practices good car car…Read More

  5. Fort Collins Auto Repair Basic Car Maintenance

    We can avoid some costly damages to our cars mechanical components just by maintaining the vehicle.  Start by knowing the maintenance requirements of your vehicle. Use your owners manual to access this information, or look online for a car care guide from the manufacturer of your car. You just migh…Read More

  6. When Embarrassing Driving Mistakes Become Auto Repair

    Your Fort Collins Automotive shop will do a good portion of its auto repair replacing brakes and giving vehicles tune-ups, but your auto technician will also have clients coming in because of an embarrassing driver error, such as putting a car into reverse instead of drive, and accidentally backing …Read More

  7. How To Know When You Need A Mechanic

    You probably have helped change the oil, switched out an old car battery for a new one, and changed a flat tire or three. But, when your brakes go bad, or the car heater wont work, or you hear a clunk, and the car refuses to go anymore, you not sure what to do. You may approach some of your more mec…Read More

  8. Best Auto Insurance Companies By Customer Satisfaction Survey

    When it comes to your Fort Collins automotive needs, how much do you think about car insurance? Your auto technician at Fort Collins Foreign car service wants you to be as satisfied with your auto policy as you are with your other automotive needs. Thinking of changing your car insurance? Flo over a…Read More

  9. Take A Drive On Colorado’s Scenic And Historic Byways

    Ever see the sign off the side of the road of a pale blue Columbine with the words, “Scenic Byway?”  You have entered one of Colorado’s many spectacular roads designated as a scenic or historic road by CDOT. Colorado boasts 25 of these, with 11 of them designated nationally by the U.S. Secret…Read More

  10. Colorado Child Car Seat Recommendations And Guidelines

    Part of any car maintenance service  is a child car seat, or safety restraint, for any little ones in your care. Your auto technician can advise you on the installation and use of car seats, however, there are numerous people in the community available to help. If you're a grandparent like me, or a…Read More

  11. Best Resale Value Award Cars For 2014

    Kelley Blue Book has released their 2014 Best Resale Value Awards list. If you're in the market for a new car, here is a list of the top ten overall which will hold their value the best for resale among 2014 models. 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser 2014 Toyota Tacoma 2014 Jeep Wrangler 2014 Toyota 4Runner 201…Read More

  12. Types of Alternative Fuels And Green Cars

    Numerous modes of transportation do not require an internal combustion oil running on fossil fuels. If you are thinking of making the switch to a vehicle using alternative forms of energy, there are numerous choices. Essentially, any vehicle can operate on just about any energy source one can utiliz…Read More