1. Car Help 101: For Tires, Age Is Just As Important As Wear

    Just about everyone knows that your tires need a good amount of tread on them in order to remain functional and useful on your car, but did you also know that tires can become bad and unsafe simply by virtue of their age, and even if you haven’t used them much at all. In this installment of Car He…Read More

  2. Car Safety: It’s Important For Everyone

    A lot of the discussion on this blog centers around car repairs and maintenance. Which makes sense, right? I mean, we are a car repair shop after all. But, there is a lot more to your car than just repairs and maintenance. It’s your car that you rely on day in and day out to get you where you need…Read More

  3. Tips For Saving Money On Gas From AAA

    There are few more pieces of car help that are more useful than tips on saving money on gas. Especially during the summer, the cost of gas can become quite expensive (although it rarely approaches the levels of European nations--can you imagine paying $6/gallon for fuel?) Well, AAA, the famous roads…Read More

  4. Car Help 101: 5 Tips To Improve Your Gas Mileage

    One of the most requested tips for drivers is how they can improve their fuel economy and gas mileage. So, we’re going to dedicate this Car Help 101 entry to answering that particular question. From keeping your tires inflated to getting maintenance done at your local auto shop, here are 5 easy wa…Read More

  5. Car Help 101: Protect Your Car By Watching Out For Common Hazards

    There are a number of hazards out there that you should be aware of in order to make sure that you don’t end up running headlong into a potentially expensive (and avoidable) auto repair. At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we unfortunately see many people come in for car repair that occurred beca…Read More

  6. Car Help 101: Simple Car Repair Advice To Keep Your Car Running

    If you really want to keep your car healthy and running well, it is important to have a bit of knowledge about basic repair and maintenance for your vehicle. The car help that we provide on this blog is designed to give you an idea of how your vehicle is running and how you can help it to run better…Read More

  7. Car Help 101: Give Your Car Some TLC

    Your car needs some more TLC. Just think of all of the abuse that your car has endured and all of the work that it has put in for you, without even a simple recognition. That’s why you should consider pampering your vehicle with that deluxe wash next time you’re at the car wash. Or, better yet, …Read More

  8. Car Help 101: 3 Safety Tips For Attempting DIY Car Repairs

    Some people just like to do things for themselves. If the old adage that if you want to get it done right, you have to do it yourself is your motto, we certainly admire your enterprising spirit and confidence, but we want to remind our readers that undertaking your own car repair can result in disas…Read More

  9. Car Service Fort Collins

    Car Help 101: How To Change A Tire

    Today’s edition of our Car Help 101 series is focused on that most basic of car repair tasks: changing a tire. Now, some may laugh at the fact that we are doing a lesson on how to change a car tire, but we are pretty sure that there are more of you out there who really aren’t too sure how to do …Read More

  10. Car Help 101: The Top 3 Smartphone Apps For The Car-Obsessed

    We’ve gotten to the point now where the number of folks in America who do not own a smartphone is shrinking to a small minority. These phones are more than just devices that can place and receive calls or messages. They are full-blown computers with mobile internet, GPS, gyrometers (the little thi…Read More