1. How To Deal With Colorado Highway Construction

    There is a lot of road construction over the entire state of Colorado. You will find huge lines of irate drivers honking their horns (like that will do any good), and folks frantically on their cell phones calling their children's schools because they are going to be late. So, although, not a standa…Read More

  2. Advice For Driving In High Wind And Lightning

    The National Hurricane Service (NOAA) defines a high wind as the following: A high wind warning is defined as 1-minute average surface winds of 35 kt (40 mph or 64 km/hr) or greater lasting for 1 hour or longer, or winds gusting to 50 kt (58 mph or 93 km/hr) or greater regardless of duration that ar…Read More

  3. Safety Tips For Fall Driving

    If anything is predictable, it is that weather conditions will be unpredictable in the Fall. Here on the Front Range, we face a variety of seasonal driving challenges, and the Fall provides us with a few unique to the changing of the season from Summer to Winter. Days are getting shorter, the temper…Read More

  4. Fort Collins Automotive Emergency: What To Do When Your Car Stalls

    So many different things can cause a car to stall, but before calling your auto technician, ask yourself a question: Is the vehicle in question a GM? On February 7, 2014 GM recalled around a million of its vehicles due to a faulty ignition switch. This faulty switches can cause the engine to turn of…Read More

  5. Getting Your Car An Oil Change in Fort Collins

    For optimum engine health, the ideal marker for getting your oil changed is every 3,000 miles. The health of your oil is affected by many things, including heat, cold, and the hardship of driving conditions. In Fort Collins, our vehicles undergo quite the routine of temperature changes, harsh enviro…Read More

  6. When Embarrassing Driving Mistakes Become Auto Repair

    Your Fort Collins Automotive shop will do a good portion of its auto repair replacing brakes and giving vehicles tune-ups, but your auto technician will also have clients coming in because of an embarrassing driver error, such as putting a car into reverse instead of drive, and accidentally backing …Read More

  7. Severe Weather Often Leads to Fort Collins Auto Repair: Floods

    No matter what time of year it is, drivers in Fort Collins and throughout Colorado are subjected to quite a few severe and extreme weather situations. Fort Collins automotive shops can repair your car, and help you with your vehicle needs in the aftermath of weather damage, but how do you react when…Read More

  8. Summer Auto Maintenance Checklist In Fort Collins

    When the seasons change, we swap out our down coats and winter boots for shorts and sandals. Our bags will be supplemented with sunscreen and we might switch from drinking hot liquids to iced tea and fruit juices. Summer is so much fun for everyone, from our pets to our parents, it is time to get ou…Read More

  9. Speeding Tickets In Colorado Vary In Price By Region

    Thinking of putting the pedal to the metal as you cruise along the Front Range? If you're pulled over and ticketed for speeding, your location, more than other factors, will determine your fine. Rates are not static. A speeding ticket in Colorado is generally $232 for going 20 miles per hour over th…Read More