1. Guardian Interlock Systems Acquired By LMG Holdings Inc.

    The Georgia-based manufacturer of ignition interlock devices, Guardian Interlock Systems, was recently acquired by LMG Holdings Inc. The move is not expected to have a significant impact on either operations or personnel and Guardian will remain a mostly independent subsidiary of its new parent comp…Read More

  2. Should School Busses Be Equipped With Ignition Interlock Devices?

    Lawmakers in New York are considering mandating that Ignition Interlock Devices be installed on all school busses after two separate incidents in which bus drivers were found to be intoxicated. The most recent incident involved a bus driver who left the school with 5 child passengers on board and, m…Read More

  3. Ignition Interlock Systems and Colorado Law

    Fort Collins Foreign Car Service is one of the only car repair shops in Fort Collins that offers ignition interlock installation.  Some people may be familiar with these systems if they have ever known someone who was convicted of a DUI violation, but many others are not.  As such, this post is to…Read More