1. Standouts at the NAAS

    If there's one thing an auto show brings, it's interesting concept cars. It's always exciting to see what manufacturers plan to showcase, some cars seeming too futuristic to ever sit in Fort Collins automotive lots! But, hey, there’s an audience for every product, right? Well, that’s what some m…Read More

  2. Here’s the World’s Quickest Porsche SUV

    At this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Porsche introduced the all-new Cayenne Turbo S. This is the fastest SUV that Porsche has ever created. How fast is fast? Get ready to go from 0-60 in 3.8 seconds. This Cayenne can also reach a top speed of 176mph -- yeah, that’s fast! Speed isn’t the only thin…Read More

  3. Quick Child Safety Car Tips

    Have you ever noticed how many “Baby On Board!” stickers there are on cars these days? That’s largely because parents often worry about road safety when transporting a child of any age. It’s one thing to drive yourself around, but it’s another thing to make sure that any child you are driv…Read More

  4. Your Fort Collins Auto Shop And Future Car Tech

    Your Fort Collins auto shop is always watching for new tech and upcoming trends. They stay on top of changing technology in order to keep current with auto repair and maintenance, as well as keep auto technicians up to date and ready to fix anything that comes in to the shop. Since the first mechani…Read More

  5. Mountain Driving Guide From Fort Collins Foreign Car Service

    Mountain driving is a completely different experience than cruising through Kansas or traveling down to Texas.  Because of curves, changing altitudes, and driving through areas rich with wildlife, mountain driving in Colorado requires lower speeds, greater caution, and some knowledge regarding pu…Read More

  6. Automotive Maintenance For Teens

    With the fall comes a whole new crop of young drivers. Some are just getting their learners permit, others have managed to acquire  their first drivers license. Many will be taking drivers ed at school to help them learn all the legal and safety aspects of responsible driving. Some of our young dri…Read More

  7. Basic Auto Maintenance For New Drivers

    Your teenager is about to graduate from a learning permit to a drivers license; or even as an older person, you are getting your first car. It doesn’t matter how new or expensive any particular vehicle is, they all need the same things; regular maintenance and  a driver who practices good car car…Read More

  8. Speeding Tickets In Colorado Vary In Price By Region

    Thinking of putting the pedal to the metal as you cruise along the Front Range? If you're pulled over and ticketed for speeding, your location, more than other factors, will determine your fine. Rates are not static. A speeding ticket in Colorado is generally $232 for going 20 miles per hour over th…Read More

  9. Types of Alternative Fuels And Green Cars

    Numerous modes of transportation do not require an internal combustion oil running on fossil fuels. If you are thinking of making the switch to a vehicle using alternative forms of energy, there are numerous choices. Essentially, any vehicle can operate on just about any energy source one can utiliz…Read More

  10. Adoption Of Ignition Interlock Devices Continues To Increase

    At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we provide a number of car repair and maintenance services, but we are also a certified installer of alcohol monitor devices called ignition interlocks. These devices have been catching on like wildfire ever since it was demonstrated that they can be used to reli…Read More

  11. October Is Fall Car Care Month

    This October is Fall Car Care Month as the non-profit organization, Car Care Council reminds us. As your auto repair experts at your local auto shop, we’d like to remind you that we are here to provide you information and educational tips that can help you better understand your car and save you m…Read More

  12. GM Planning Car To Compete With Tesla Model S

    It looks like General Motors has taken notice of the recent success of electric car maker Tesla Motors and is planning a new series of electric automobiles in order to better compete with the growing upstart. In fact, there is a new series of automobiles that the mammoth automaker is ready to roll o…Read More