1. Window Cracked? Come See Us At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service

    At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service we do all kinds of repairs, including fixing cracked windows. In fact, we provide the service of replacing or repairing cracked windshields in addition to offering our normal full service auto repair suite. If your window has been cracked and is in need of repair …Read More

  2. Rain Repellent Can Actually Help Improve Car Safety

    You may have seen those commercials for the rain repellant products like Rain-X or perhaps the new windshield wipers which are coated with a similar type of substance and thought to yourself ‘Well, that seems like a gimmick’. You’re probably in good company if so. However, a few of us at the l…Read More

  3. How To Keep Your Car Running Past 100K

    These days it’s not uncommon for a well-maintained vehicle to eclipse the 100,000 mile mark and even go beyond. But, the key to that longevity remains the same: diligent attention to the needs of your vehicle and keeping your car maintained with a regular car maintenance service. Since the best wa…Read More

  4. Meet The Honda FCX Clarity, The First Hydrogen Production Vehicle

    As questions about the environmental condition of our planet continue to echo and reverberate around the world, automakers are finally realizing that these concerns are going to revolutionize their industry and have (belatedly) begun making vehicles that recognize this. Although, electric vehicles a…Read More

  5. How To Avoid Expensive Auto Repairs

    Everyone who drives a car, which is most of us in America, fears the day when they may have to shell out several hundred dollars for a major repair on their vehicle. Unfortunately, repairs are somewhat of a fact of life when you drive a car. Instead of fretting over having to get your car repaired e…Read More

  6. What’s That Noise? An Imperfect Audible Guide To Car Problems

    So, you go to turn on your car in the morning and as you turn the key and the engine roars to life you detect a foreign sound amongst the generally normal hum of the engine. Is it a slight knocking? Perhaps a high-pitched squeal or whine? Wait, is that Jay-Z? Oops. It’s just the radio  on low. Bu…Read More

  7. Has Anyone Really Considered What Self-Driving Cars Would Mean?

    If you’ve been reading (or watching) the news lately, you’ve probably heard about these self-driving cars which are on the horizon. Although they are probably a decade or more away from commercial viability (and regulatory approval of any kind), the tech is currently quite advanced. Google has l…Read More

  8. What To Do Before You Take That Road Trip

    Summer is the time for road trips and long vacations. It’s time to kick back and enjoy the open road and the beauty of this country with some select family and friends. But, before you head out it’s probably smart to make sure that you have all of your bases covered with regard to making sure th…Read More

  9. Car Safety: It’s Important For Everyone

    A lot of the discussion on this blog centers around car repairs and maintenance. Which makes sense, right? I mean, we are a car repair shop after all. But, there is a lot more to your car than just repairs and maintenance. It’s your car that you rely on day in and day out to get you where you need…Read More

  10. Basic Car Maintenance For The Uninitiated

    Around here we seem to be saying one thing quite often. In fact, we say it so often that we are starting to sound like a broken record. Of course, that one mantra that we repeat so incessantly is: don’t neglect your car maintenance. There’s a reason why we keep harping on this point, however. Th…Read More

  11. Make Sure Your Car Is In Top Shape Before That Summer Roadtrip

    This summer, we know that many of our friends and favorite customers will all be jumping in the family car or SUV for that quintessential of all American traditions: the summer roadtrip. But, whether you’re heading for the beach, or just to see the grandparents in West Virginia, you’ll want to m…Read More

  12. Get Your Old Car Repaired Or Trade It In?

    It’s always a difficult decision. When your current car has reached that point where it is begining to show its age and is requiring a significant amount of repair work, should you spend the money on the consistent car repair jobs or should you suck it up and purchase a new vehicle which (hopefull…Read More