1. If Someone Asks You To Breathe Into An Interlock Device, Don’t!

    A Connecticut man has been charged with avoidance of an interlock device, after he was caught trying to enlist passersby at a local marina to help him start his vehicle by blowing into his ignition interlock device. Obviously, the man had been drinking and was not able to blow into the device himsel…Read More

  2. Foreign Cars Vs Domestic Cars: The Showdown

    America is perhaps the most car-crazed culture in the history of the planet. The car was invented here, so we have reason to be proud of our automobile motoring tradition. But, since the time of Robert Henry Ford there have been a lot of challenges to American automobile manufacturing supremacy. For…Read More

  3. The Importance Of Proper Tire Pressure

    One of the more neglected aspects of regular car maintenance is making sure that your cars tires are inflated to the proper pressure. Although this would seem to be a relatively simple operation and an easy part of your regular maintenance routine, a recent survey by the AAA affiliate in Arizona fou…Read More

  4. Car Help 101: 5 Tips To Improve Your Gas Mileage

    One of the most requested tips for drivers is how they can improve their fuel economy and gas mileage. So, we’re going to dedicate this Car Help 101 entry to answering that particular question. From keeping your tires inflated to getting maintenance done at your local auto shop, here are 5 easy wa…Read More

  5. Mother’s Day, Repair Shops And Unnecessary Repairs

    First off, happy mother’s day to all of you mommas out there. For this mother’s day, we have an interesting study for you. It looks like RepairPal, an online repair website that we posted about previously, has commissioned a study and found something quite alarming. The study, which was done by …Read More

  6. Ignition Interlock Devices On School Busses?

    Ignition interlock devices have become quite popular for cars. Well, they may not exactly be popular with those who are convicted of drinking and driving and have to shell out the money to get one installed. But, they have been proven to prevent users from driving drunk which improves the safety of …Read More

  7. Overall Automotive Expertise With A Focus On Imports

    When you need an expert, do you call someone who has a well-rounded understanding of an entire field or someone who is focused only on the one specific area that you need help? Of course, the answer to this question should be both. That’s the biggest issue in auto repair. It is one of the major di…Read More

  8. Tennessee Lawmakers Pass Stricter Ignition Interlock Requirements

    A new bill that just passed the Tennessee legislature would increase the number of individuals who are required to get an ignition interlock device installed into their vehicles. Like many states, Tennessee requires drivers who are convicted of a DUI violation with a certain BAC to get the alcohol m…Read More

  9. For National Car Care Month, Give Your Car A Deep Clean

    If you didn’t know, April is National Car Care Month. That means that you should take a little extra time to recognize and appreciate that large piece of machinery that transports you anywhere you need to go with a minimum of hassle or effort. April is when we say thank you to our cars and make su…Read More