These Guys are the Real Deal

These guys are the real deal. Hole in the wall shop that treats you, your car, your money and your time with respect. First time we visited this shop they replaced a window motor. I had a different window motor replaced at a different shop previously – FCFC was a much better deal. There was an issue with the door not opening after the repair – they were great about getting us back in and taking care of it. Our second visit was to have the car checked out for trip worthiness (we had a 4,000 mile trip planned). They found some minor work that needed doing and also suggested we replace the tires. They completed the necessary repairs and then we took the car to a tire shop later that week. The tire shop “found” thousands of dollars worth of work they felt was needed urgently (in addition to the new tires) and they were ready to perform the work on my car. I told them that was strange as the car had just been to the mechanic who didn’t suggest the same repairs. I had them just do the tire work and then I called FCFC – they had me bring the car right down and 2 mechanics spent an hour going over my car. They specifically looked at the areas that the tire shop tried to tell me were in need of repair and reported that they didn’t see anything that needed to be done at that time (they also didn’t charge me). The car performed perfectly for the trip and is still doing well but we will surely visit FCFC for any future car repairs!