Owner of Fort Collins Foreign Car

Bill is the owner of Fort Collins Foreign Car and has been since 1985. He has been working at the shop since 1983 and bought the shop at the age of 24. Since then he has become an ASE Certified Master Technician and has seen just about every make and model car come into his shop.


Auto Technician at Fort Collins Foreign Car

Jay is an Auto Service Technician here at Fort Collins Foreign Car and has been with us since October 1996. Jay is also a ASE Certified Technician and can answer any questions you have about your cars mechanical needs and maintenance services.


Office Staff at Fort Collins Foregin Car

Abraham has become the go-to person when it comes to the Guardian Interlock System. If you have any questions about your Interlock System feel free to come in and talk with Abraham.



Office Staff at Fort Collins Foreign Car

Tiffany has been working at Fort Collins Foreign Car since 2001 and has become a critical part of the FCFCS team. Tiffany is an ASE Certified Auto Technician & Mechanic and when she is not helping customers she can be found in the garage repairing any of the vehicles that come into shop.



Mechanic at Fort Collins Foreign Car

Dirk consulted with for years before starting with us full-time in 2015. Rest assured, Dirk can answer any question you may have.





Car Help and Car Maintenance Service is Just a Call Away.

With such friendly and experienced staff, there are several reasons to choose Fort Collins Foreign Car Service for car help and car maintenance. Whatever your domestic or foreign vehicle needs, we can help you achieve it. Call (970) 658-5353 for all of your car help and car maintenance questions.

I love this shop! Bill (the owner) has always told me what is going on with my car in a way that makes sense. The prices are very fair and they have always let me know what I really need… And there’s a lazy hound dog in the office, and who doesn’t love dogs?

Serving the Fort Collins communities, Fort Collins Foreign Car Service provides experienced auto technician and mechanic services for domestic and foreign vehicles. If you car is in need of maintenance, tune ups, brake replacements, or other mechanical services, we can help! Please contact our shop today!