See what our happy customers have to say about us:


"I’ve had very good luck with Ft. Collins Foreign Car Service. Over about 5 years, I’ve had them work on three different cars, two Infiniti’s and an Acura. They didn’t charge me anything for one of the visits when it turned out that I had a defective chip-key. They’re trustworthy from my experience."

- Jim B.

These Guys Are The Real Deal

"These guys are the real deal. Hole in the wall shop that treats you, your car, your money and your time with respect. First time we visited this shop they replaced a window motor. I had a different window motor replaced at a different shop previously – FCFC was a much better deal. There was an issue with the door not opening after the repair – they were great about getting us back in and taking care of it. Our second visit was to have the car checked out for trip worthiness (we had a 4,000 mile trip planned). They found some minor work that needed doing and also suggested we replace the tires. They completed the necessary repairs and then we took the car to a tire shop later that week. The tire shop “found” thousands of dollars worth of work they felt was needed urgently (in addition to the new tires) and they were ready to perform the work on my car. I told them that was strange as the car had just been to the mechanic who didn’t suggest the same repairs. I had them just do the tire work and then I called FCFC – they had me bring the car right down and 2 mechanics spent an hour going over my car. They specifically looked at the areas that the tire shop tried to tell me were in need of repair and reported that they didn’t see anything that needed to be done at that time (they also didn’t charge me). The car performed perfectly for the trip and is still doing well but we will surely visit FCFC for any future car repairs!"

- Anonymous

I Love This Shop!

"I love this shop! Bill (the owner) has always told me what is going on with my car in a way that makes sense. The prices are very fair and they have always let me know what I really need and what I can limp along for another few miles (my car is kinda a heap). And there’s a lazy hound dog in the office, and who doesn’t love dogs?"


Great To Work With

"Great guys to work with. Reasonable rates and honest. This will be the third trip in for my Jaguar (all different problems) and have been satisfied each time."

Tom S.

I’d Recommend Them Highly

"Hard-working, honest mechanics! These guys are helping me prolong the life of my 13 year old Volvo. It’s running like a top, and their prices are very reasonable. I’d recommend them highly."

Moxie F.

Super Nice And Super Helpful

"These guys are super nice and super helpful. They strike me as some of the most forth-coming and honest mechanics I have been to since I have been a car owner. I would gladly pay more money for them to do an oil change (or any other work) over taking my car to a JiffyLube or some other random mechanic. Their prices are reasonable and they consulted me about every extra charge or repair they feel is necessary. These guys are the real deal."


THE Best In Town!

"I have been going to Fort Collins Foreign Car for almost 10 years now. In my opinion, they are THE best in town! Reasonable prices, treat you like you have a brain in your head and explain what’s happening with your car, always easy to work with. In sum, if you have a foreign car and are not going to Fort Collins Foreign Car, you are probably paying way too much and not getting the best possible service. Thank you so much to Bill, Tiffany, Jay and everyone there for taking SUCH good care of my ’95 Landcruiser. You rock!!!"

Carol C.

Wouldn’t Consider Going Anywhere Else

"I’ve been going to Fort Collins Foreign car for 20 years and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. It’s a great relationship – I know I can get an honest assessment and quality work done at a fair price. They treat me great and I love the fact that they have a female mechanic."


What An Awesome Company!

What an awesome company! I have been going to them for years. Every time I have to see them, whether its for a advice on a car problem or for a repair, I’m reminded that there are good people out there still. That not all mechanics are out to get you and make you get repairs done that you don’t need. Thank you again Fort Collins Foreign Car Service for being honest and professional!

- Tairan Q.

These Guys Are The BEST.

These guys are the BEST. I took my Subaru to the dealership and walked away with a 3k quote for the work. I took the car to Foreign Car Service and they did everything from the original quote plus a few extras. They even went above and beyond to look for solutions to some electrical problems the car was having. All said and done, my bill was only 1/3 of what the dealership was going to charge. These guys are very honest and do great work. I will only take my cars to them.

- Christopher C.

Best Service I Could Ever Ask For

The best service I could ever ask for. I was taken care of promptly by a very friendly staff, and was told exactly what needed to be fixed. They did not recommend anything that my car did not need. The price was very reasonable, their work is honest, and the staff are truly people you can trust. I won’t be taking my car anyplace else.

- Sarah T.

Pricing Is Fair

I have used Fort Collins Foreign Car for numerous vehicles and repairs. They have always consulted me before making any repairs and if the repair could wait, they only fixed what absolutely needed to be repaired. We had an older car and the heat was not blowing, we took it to them and instead of tearing out the entire dash to fix the problem, they found a workaround and charged very little for it. I feel their pricing is fair, especially after getting estimates from other repair shops. Their staff is friendly and always willing to explain the repairs to you. I would recommend them for any repairs on any vehicle.

- Anonymous

Awesome Customer Service

I love my cars (Porsche Boxter and Mitsubishi Eclipse) I love them like my babies, and Foreign Car Service is the only one who can properly take care of my babies. Awesome Customer Service, as a mechanical engineer I appreciate the knowledge and professionalism that the owner of the shop shows. Great Job.

- Liviu S.

Five Stars

My wife and I have taken our cars to Bill and his crew many times since we moved to Fort Collins in 1992. My grandfather was a mechanic so I am very particular about who works on my cars. Many of the car problems we have had were difficult to diagnose and required real experts and Bill and his crew have always come thru for us. They have kept our cars running much longer than expected, always charged a fair price for their work and always explained what needed to be done in great detail so we were not left guessing. Fort Collins Foreign Car Service receives my highest recommendation. Five Stars.

- Anonymous

No Problems So Far

Inherited my mom’s 2002 Nissan with only 22,000 miles on it. It conked out. Tried a few things and determined that the fix was beyond my pay scale. FCFCS diagnosed it as a bad ECU (elec brain). They gave me the option of a new or used/refurbished one – opted for a new one – took awhile to get it, but they kept me appraised of status. It’s been almost a year and a half and no problem so far. I trust them.

- Craig H.