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Your car is dependable and reliable, but only when it is well maintained. When owning a car, one of the most important elements is receiving a quality return on your investment. If your car is in need of repair, you'll want to find the best possible service available. Fort Collins Foreign Car Service has been providing quality car repairs for 50 years, and we're proud to be the top choice for car owners in our area. Our technicians are highly skilled and have the experience necessary to get the job done right, whether your car needs a simple tune-up or a more extensive repair. We offer competitive rates and a wide range of services, so you can rest assured that your car is in good hands with us. Schedule an appointment today and see why we're the top choice for car repair in town!

Mercedes steering wheel

When you’re fortunate enough to have gotten your hands on a luxury vehicle, it’s worth putting in the time and effort to care for it, especially considering the sizeable financial investment you’ve made. By their nature, luxury and high-end automobiles require a little more TLC to stay in tip-top condition. Thankfully, with these simple tips and a professional team like Fort Collins Foriegn Car Service on your side, taking care of expensive, high-end, and foreign vehicles is a breeze.


Most car enthusiasts dream about owning a luxury foreign vehicle, but they may not be certain if it’s the right choice for them. Whether it’s a concern about budget, maintenance and upkeep, or feasibility of transportation, there are many factors to consider before pursuing foreign car ownership. Unfortunately, a number of misconceptions about this subject can lead to further confusion or uncertainty regarding non-domestic autos.

Established in 1971, Fort Collins Foreign Car Service is Northern Colorado’s leading provider of both foreign and domestic vehicle maintenance and repair, so we have considerable experience and knowledge in these matters. In this article, we address some of the most common myths about owning a foreign vehicle and provide a more accurate presentation of what’s really going on underneath those imported hoods — or should we say “bonnets”?

Myth #1: Part Replacement Is A Hassle

A common myth about foreign cars asserts that it’s extremely difficult to locate parts and pieces when they need replacing. It’s an inconvenient truth that all cars,...


Most car owners would love to save money on maintenance and repairs. But unless you’ve worked as a mechanic or have an affinity for fixing up cars, chances are you don’t know how.

The good news is that anyone can dramatically cut back on car maintenance expenses and avoid costly repairs by monitoring the fluids in their vehicle. Ideally, most or all of these should be checked every several thousand miles. By staying on top of your car fluid levels and getting them topped off when needed, you can ensure you’ll get the longest and highest quality lifespan out of your ride.

In this article, we’ll highlight the 5 most important fluids that not only keep you driving safely but, more importantly, that keep money in your pocket.

First thing’s first — read the list below to see if you’re familiar with all of these car fluids. If even one looks new to you, it may be time for a refresher course in auto maintenance.

Overview of Essential Car Fluids:

  1. Oil
  2. Windshield Washer Fluid
  3. Power Steering Fluid
  4. Transmission Fluid
  5. Brake...

One of the biggest, long-standing debates in the auto industry is whether or not foreign cars are better than American-made cars. For the most part, foreign cars have been long-time leaders in categories involving quality, such as reliability and longevity.

While it’s no secret that many import vehicles models offer superior quality, style, and efficiency, just like any vehicle, they can experience issues down the road and require the proper repairs and maintenance to remain in good working condition.

Whether you have an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Acura, Lexus, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, or another import vehicle that is in need of repair, it is important that you choose an experienced foreign car mechanic that you can trust.

Choose FCFCS For Foreign Auto Repair

Foreign cars are very uniquely made and require specialized attention and skills in order to service them properly. Many European and Asian cars have more complex and finer details in their systems. Plus, many types of these vehicles require special equipment and tools to...


Now that spring is in full swing, we can expect warmer days ahead of us. Before the temperatures begin to rise too much, though, you want to make sure that your vehicle’s air conditioning is in good working condition to handle the summer heat — one of the last things you want is to be trapped in a hot car while commuting to and from work or running errands.

Your vehicle’s A/C can fail for several different reasons, and the type of symptoms you are noticing can help identify the problem at hand.

At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, our auto mechanics are trained and experienced in vehicle cooling system evaluations and repairs. In this blog, we are going to help guide you through the process of determining if you have an issue with your vehicle’s air conditioning, and what kind of issue you may be having.

Signs You Need An Air Conditioning Tune-Up For Your Vehicle

There are several warning signs that indicate that your air conditioning is having issues, or is about to fail. Some of the most common signs include:

  • Blows Hot Air. The most obvious...

Spring is right around the corner! Your vehicle has been working hard all winter long and now it’s time to give it the attention it needs to get in shape for the upcoming season. As we wait for spring to arrive, one important task on your list should be spring auto maintenance.

With springtime auto maintenance from Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, your car can run smoothly all season long and stay ready for all of your upcoming driving adventures. To get your vehicle in tip-top shape for the spring, our car mechanics recommend the following maintenance services.

Inspect The Brakes

Being able to stop during the snowy and icy season is very important, but all that extra braking during the winter takes a toll on your vehicle’s brakes. If you hear a grinding noise while you’re braking, you’ll want to schedule vehicle maintenance at our auto shop!

Check The Transmission

Classic signs of transmission issues can include popping out of gear and the leaking of transmission fluid. Because transmission issues can progress quickly, if you suspect your vehicle...


Have you ever detailed your engine? People generally land on two sides when it comes to cleaning what’s under the hood: they either think it’s a worthwhile standard or they cannot understand why you would ever consider it.

We all know that anyone can wash their car and smear a little wax onto the paint. However, it takes a special car lover to maintain an engine clean enough to eat off of. At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we live in engines, and you can bet that we notice when they’re pristine. Keeping an engine clean isn’t just about maintaining a stunning view when you open the hood. Combating dirt, grease, and grime can improve the lifespan of the motor and prevent rot and rust.

Tips For Detailing Your Engine

Whether you have an old, faithful car or a shiny, exotic one, a clean engine compartment can give it an extra bit of dignity and glamor. However, it isn’t just about opening the hood and diving in. You’ll probably get a faster and more effective clean if you consider our expert tips. We say “consider” because different car owners have different...


If you want your vehicle to look pristine at all times, you aren’t alone. Many owners of beautiful, foreign imports take great pride in the appearance and upkeep of their vehicles. And even if you’re fine with your vehicle getting a little dirty, keeping it clean prevents scratches, nicks, and other damage that can impact the vehicle’s resale value. Here at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we spend most of our time under the hood, but we know what it takes to keep a vehicle looking its best on the outside, too. We’re also aware that it’s car show season, and we want to take a minute to share some of our favorite hacks for keeping your car show-ready.

Five Car Detailing HacksKeep Wipes In Your Car.

  • Whether it’s stray bird droppings or a coffee spill, being able to act quickly and clean up a mess immediately makes all the difference. Keep a pack of wipes under a seat or in the glove compartment, and you’ll be able to respond to spills as soon as they happen. That way, you won’t have to worry about messes becoming permanent features.

Use Rubbing Alcohol...


If you catch the road trip bug in the summer, you aren’t alone. Summer is a great time to get out on the open road and visit friends, relatives, or to discover new vistas. At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we are very familiar with the issues that trouble vehicles when the weather gets hot, and we know what it takes to ensure your car runs issue-free. Here are three things you can focus on to avoid getting stuck in a parking lot or on the side of the road.

3 Important Safety Tips

Incorrect tire pressure, low battery levels, and locking the keys in the car are the main issues travelers experience. Hopefully, these tips help you steer clear!

Check Your Tire Pressure.

Under-inflated tires become safety hazards in both dry and wet conditions. You never know what you’ll be dealing with when it’s summer, so keep your tires inflated to manufacturer specifications. Check them before you head out on a road trip, and if you’re traveling a long way, check them every evening or morning to make sure you haven’t developed a slow leak that may cripple you...


Timing belt replacement can be on the costly side, which makes people want to avoid getting it done. We can’t blame them; it’s normal not to be a fan of expensive repairs. However, the concept of “expensive repair” is relative. When you consider the damage a bad timing belt can do to the rest of your vehicle, suddenly, replacing just the belt doesn’t seem so expensive. In fact, it’s a smart way to avoid massive car projects and the high fees that come with them. We want to take today’s blog to discuss signs of a timing belt in trouble so you don’t get taken by surprise.

First, what does a timing belt do? The timing belt is an essential part of your engine’s function. It ensures that the crankshaft and camshaft rotate at just the right rhythm to synchronize the engine’s valves with the intake and exhaust strokes. When the timing belt isn’t happy, your engine cannot function right, and nobody is happy!

Signs Your Ride Needs A New Timing Belt

Because the timing belt plays such an important function, its distress signals are hard to miss. Here are some warning signs...


Here at Fort Collins Foreign Car service, we are an auto shop located in Fort Collins. We specialize in foreign car work and repairs, but our services are comprehensive enough to include most auto work. One service that you can get at our shop, but not everywhere else, is Guardian Ignition Interlock System installation. A Guardian Ignition Interlock System is a device that does not allow a car to start unless a person has blown a clean test into an alcohol monitor. If you are new to this device, we answer some frequently asked questions about it here.

Can I Install Guardian Interlock Myself?

No, this device is only meant to be installed by an authorized professional. Its primary use is to prevent previous DUI and DWI offenders from being able to start their car after having a drink, and is thus registered to that person. An authorized third party installer is necessary to ensure the device is installed properly. Once installed, the device captures data that we can download manually.

How Long Is Installation?

Installation times can vary, but the system is...