3 Most Important Summer Safety Tips

If you catch the road trip bug in the summer, you aren’t alone. Summer is a great time to get out on the open road and visit friends, relatives, or to discover new vistas. At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we are very familiar with the issues that trouble vehicles when the weather gets hot, and we know what it takes to ensure your car runs issue-free. Here are three things you can focus on to avoid getting stuck in a parking lot or on the side of the road.

3 Important Safety Tips

Incorrect tire pressure, low battery levels, and locking the keys in the car are the main issues travelers experience. Hopefully, these tips help you steer clear!

Check Your Tire Pressure.

Under-inflated tires become safety hazards in both dry and wet conditions. You never know what you’ll be dealing with when it’s summer, so keep your tires inflated to manufacturer specifications. Check them before you head out on a road trip, and if you’re traveling a long way, check them every evening or morning to make sure you haven’t developed a slow leak that may cripple you midday.

Figure Out How To Hang On To Your Keys.

Hopefully, you already have a good system for making sure your keys don’t get locked in the car. If you know that key loss is a struggle for you, explore options for discreetly storing an extra key. It’s also a good idea to keep special track of any keyless entry fobs or smart keys.

Keep An Eye On Your Battery.

The typical battery lasts three to five years. If your battery is over five years old, get it checked annually to make sure it doesn’t need to be replaced. That way, you’ll always be able to start your engine.

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