3 Reasons Why Regular Maintenance On Your Engine Is Important

The engines in modern cars are relatively simple machines. In fact, for the most part they are unchanged in nearly half a century. That being said, your car’s engine requires regular maintenance in order to make sure that it runs as long and efficiently as possible. Why is it important to take advantage of a car maintenance service to check your engine? Let’s look at the top reasons for doing so.

#3. The Warranty

If you have a newer car that is under warranty, maintenance and repairs on your vehicle may be paid for by your vehicle’s manufacturer. This can obviously save you a bunch of money compared to paying out of pocket. Many manufacturers require, however, that you bring your car in and take advantage of a regular car maintenance service in order for your warranty to remain valid. If you fail to meet these regular maintenance requirements, you could void your warranty prematurely potentially costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars when you finally do bring your car into an auto technician. The moral of the story is don’t wait too long to bring your vehicle into the auto shop.

Don't Neglect Necessary Maintenance and Repairs

#2 Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

If you neglect to keep your car in good shape by bringing it into an auto shop for regular maintenance, you could be costing yourself additional money down the road, because your car’s value will depreciate more quickly. When you want to resell your vehicle, it is crucial to have a record of regular maintenance to demonstrate that the car has been taken care of and can be expected to last long enough to make the purchase worthwhile to the next owner. Keep all the receipts that you get from your auto technician after each visit.

#1 Extend The Life of Your Engine and Avoid Costly Repairs

The most important reason to take advantage of a car maintenance service is to increase the life of your engine in general. Regular maintenance of your oil, fluids, brakes, tires and cooling system are crucial to extend the longevity of your engine and keep it running smoothly into the future, as well as to avoid costly repairs that become exponentially more likely if the vehicle’s maintenance is neglected.

Now that you are aware of the myriad benefits of regular maintenance on your vehicle, make sure to schedule a check up with an auto technician at your auto shop today.