5 Car Detailing Hacks

If you want your vehicle to look pristine at all times, you aren’t alone. Many owners of beautiful, foreign imports take great pride in the appearance and upkeep of their vehicles. And even if you’re fine with your vehicle getting a little dirty, keeping it clean prevents scratches, nicks, and other damage that can impact the vehicle’s resale value. Here at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we spend most of our time under the hood, but we know what it takes to keep a vehicle looking its best on the outside, too. We’re also aware that it’s car show season, and we want to take a minute to share some of our favorite hacks for keeping your car show-ready.

Five Car Detailing HacksKeep Wipes In Your Car.

  • Whether it’s stray bird droppings or a coffee spill, being able to act quickly and clean up a mess immediately makes all the difference. Keep a pack of wipes under a seat or in the glove compartment, and you’ll be able to respond to spills as soon as they happen. That way, you won’t have to worry about messes becoming permanent features.

Use Rubbing Alcohol On Your Windshield Wipers.

  • There’s nothing more frustrating than working hard to get a clean, smear-free windshield and then, the minute you run the windshield wipers, they leave streaks all over the place. Even if you took the time to wash the wipers, smears can still show up. The best way to make sure there’s no leftover soap or dirt is to clean them using rubbing alcohol and a cloth. It only takes a few seconds, and it can make an absolutely huge difference.

Use Rubber Gloves To Clear Away Fur.

  • If you have cloth seats and a dog or two, it can be a recipe for furry disaster. You can always attack the seats with a vacuum, but there’s an easier way to remove all that fur: rubber gloves. They have the perfect surface for capturing hair, and you’ll find that they’ll cut through layers of hair pretty much instantly. Even better, you won’t need to wrangle the vacuum or use 50 lint roller sheets.

Clean The Vents With Canned Air.

  • You might be surprised about what is hiding in your air vents. Don’t settle for letting it all stay out of sight and out of mind. Instead, use a can of forced air to dislodge the dust and get it out where it can be wiped away or vacuumed up. You’ll breathe a lot easier the next time you turn on the A/C or heat.

Roll The Windows Down When You’re Cleaning Them.

  • We’re not telling you to roll the windows down when you wash the car; you definitely want to keep the windows up when soap and water are flying. However, it’s worth using a fresh cloth or newspaper print and Windex to make sure the windows are really clear. This is when you’ll want to open the windows. Otherwise, you’ll have rims of grime around the top edges.

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