5 Tips For Keeping Your Pet Safe In The Car

It is important to make sure that every passenger that rides in your vehicle is riding safely and comfortably. That includes the furry and four-legged passengers just as much as any others. So, in order to make sure that you keep your pets safe and sound on their next trip with you, here’s a few tips about transporting your animals safely. Because at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we want to provide as much car help and advice as we can to help out our customers.

  1. Keep all hands, legs and heads inside the vehicle – It’s crucially important to make sure that you make sure that all animals keep are completely inside the car at all times. Although, it’s common to see dogs sticking their heads out of the car (and they often seem to enjoy this), it can be quite dangerous if you get in an accident.

  2. Don’t let Fido get on your lap while driving – Not only is this more dangerous for your pooch, it is also distracting for you which means that you could be more likely to get into an accident which might require foreign car service.

  3. Keep pets in carriers if possible – This is by far the safest way to transport your pet. It’s even better if you can restrain the pet carrier with a safety belt in order to make sure that in the event of an accident the entire thing doesn’t go barreling through the windshield. Yes, it might be more fun to have your pet out in the car so you can play with it, but this is more dangerous for both you and your pet. You buckle up, why shouldn’t your pet?

  4. Don’t transport your pet in the bed of your truck – Yes, this is another one that is commonly seen on the road. It might be okay if you’re going no faster than 20 mph and just for a few blocks. Other than that it’s not a smart idea. Again, what do you think would happen to your pet if you were to get in a car crash, or even have to brake suddenly? Countless pets have unfortunately been injured or even killed this way. That’s why we’re providing these car help tips. It’s important to us at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service to keep everyone travelling safely, pets included.

  5. Let your pet stretch its legs on long drives – If you are going to be transporting your pet on a long road trip, make sure that you let it out to stretch, run around and use the bathroom at least once every 4 hours or so. Pets need to move around and stretch their legs just like humans do and they don’t like being cooped up in a car carrier for long periods of time either.

Following these simple car help tips can keep you and your pet safe on your next road trip, whether its just across town or across the country. At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we want to make sure that both you and your pet come home safely.