A Guide To Regular Maintenance

Around here we often sound like a record telling all of you to make sure that you get that regular maintenance done on your car. But, hey there’s a reason why we are so insistent. It’s consistently proven that cars which have a car maintenance service that takes care of all these things (or someone who does it themselves) last longer and require less expensive repairs.

But, what if you didn’t know what kind of regular maintenance you should be doing and when? Well, the best place to consult is probably the owner’s manual of your vehicle or perhaps a knowledgeable auto technician at your friendly local auto shop (Fort Collins Foreign Car Service).

We can, however, offer a little bit of a cheat sheet that’s a rough guide for when to check certain things and how often to get particular components of your car serviced by your auto technician. We’re serious about the car maintenance service, your car will thank you by running better for longer.

There are a few different service intervals for different components on your car. There are things you should check every month, things you should check every 3 months, every 6 months and once a year. Unless you are very knowledgeable about automobiles it is probably best to take advantage of a car maintenance service and see your local auto technician.

You should check your lights, tires and washer fluid every month to make sure they are functioning normally. Every three months it’s a good idea to add to this list belts, battery, air, fuel and oil filters, exhaust system and power steering fluid. At six months you should get all of the aforementioned items looked at and add in a chassis lubrication and perhaps a look at your hoses. And once a year it is a good idea to get your cabin air filter, coolant and spark plugs as well as steering and suspension checked out.

Again, that’s a rough estimate of items and intervals. It’s always best to consult the professionals who know more about your particular vehicle, so come see your friendly auto technician at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service.