Adoption Of Ignition Interlock Devices Continues To Increase

At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we provide a number of car repair and maintenance services, but we are also a certified installer of alcohol monitor devices called ignition interlocks. These devices have been catching on like wildfire ever since it was demonstrated that they can be used to reliably prevent convicted drunken drivers from continuing to operate a motor vehicle under the influence.

That’s why we at your favorite local auto shop see it as a wholly positive development that ignition interlock devices continue to catch on across the country. In some places there have been legislative changes that have significantly encouraged the adoption of these devices. In fact, they are mandatory for many convicted drunken drivers.

Take the state of Connecticut. It has seen use of ignition interlock devices triple over the last year! That’s a heck of an increase for a device that has been proven to reduce drunken driving related accidents and fatalities. More importantly, it translates to untold numbers of drivers who are still alive because they aren’t coming into contact with intoxicated drivers as frequently.

At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we install quite a few ignition interlock devices. They are relatively straightforward to operate and install. Essentially, what they do is require a driver (usually someone who has a history of drunken driving) to blow into a device in order to gauge their BAC before they can operate the vehicle. The device also periodically requires the driver to pull over to retest as well.

This simple requirement makes it very difficult to operate a vehicle under the influence and that means that there are less intoxicated drivers on the road which is always a good thing. Protecting other innocent drivers from the dangers posed by those who are driving under the influence is very important and we think that it should be a priority for law enforcement across the state and across the country.

To learn more about ignition interlock devices, stop into Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, your local auto shop, or give us a call.