Aston Martin Has A New Supercar

Aston Martin has been wanting to break into the supercar market for some time. Now, the company has created a new supercar that will be track-only, and they’re calling it the ‘Vulcan.’ The car is priced at $2.3 million, base, and it comes with more than 800 hp. Aston Martin is only going to make 24 of these cars too, so they will be as exclusive as they come.

Flame Throwing

The Vulcan doesn’t exactly throw flames, but flames do shoot out of the sides of this car’s side exhausts. So who is going to drive a car with more than 800 hp that’s built on 7.0 liter V-12 engine? If you’re thinking that this car isn’t for everyday drivers, you’re right. The Vulcan is strictly track-only, so you won’t be taking your Vulcan to the grocery store anytime soon. Or anywhere.

Aston Martin is also providing a program for buyers called “intensive track driver training.” If you’re going to purchase one of these cars, you need that free program (unless your profession involves driving cars around tracks!). The teachers that you’ll find with the free program are actually Aston Martin race car drivers, so you won’t feel like you’re learning driving basics when you take this course.

The Design

To really understand the design of this car, you have to see the photos that Aston Martin is putting out. The car itself is futuristic, and it was obviously built for speed with a two-seater carbon fiber interior, and a front-mounted engine. Since Aston Martin is only putting out a handful of these cars, you will have to grab one quickly or risk not getting one at all. Then again, with the price tag attached to the Vulcan, there might not be too many people lining up.

If there is a car that has been made to impress, this is it. If you’re a serious car lover, you’ll find the Vulcan irresistible, and that’s exactly what Aston Martin wants. Trying to get into the track game, the Vulcan is a really good example of what Aston Martin can do. The Vulcan looks so great from the photos that Aston Martin is putting out, it’s easy to imagine this being the next Bond car (though that’s not the case, sadly). The Vulcan could also be a really amazing villain car in any upcoming film. In short, there’s a good chance that you’ll see the Vulcan on screen in the future.

Taking Care Of Your Luxury Car

No matter what kind of luxury car you have (Vulcan or otherwise), it’s really important that you learn to take care of it properly. Regular tune ups, making sure that problems are fixed right away, and other small care habits can maintain your car while also making sure that it is worth as much as possible. At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, our pride and joy is taking care of foreign cars of any make or model, it’s what we do best. While we do specialize in foreign cars, we can also repair any domestic car that you have. When it comes to car repair in Fort Collins, you can trust our team.

A machine like the Vulcan, or any other expensive car, deserves to be treated properly with the right maintenance, and a professional team working on every car repair that is needed. If you have a car that needs some attention, don’t bring it just anywhere. Bring your car into our shop, and we’ll make sure that it’s treated right. Auto repair in Fort Collins is what we do! What do you think about the new Vulcan? Is this a car you’d shell out for? Let us know what your thoughts are by connecting with us on Facebook.