Being Careful This Weekend Not To Get A DUI

This is a very large weekend for the majority of the United States considering that the Super Bowl is going to be occurring. It’s a time of celebration when everybody comes together and competes to see which team is going to win. Regardless of teams that are playing, a lot of the population actually watches this game because it usually means that it is the two best teams in the league competing for bragging rights and the ultimate goal of football. However, a lot of people do spend this weekend drinking rather heavily in celebration of such an event. Our recommendation is that you avoid getting a DUI by ensuring that you have a couple of things ready for the big game.

The first thing you need for the big game is a place to stay. If you’re going to be watching it from your house then you don’t really have to even bother with this first one. However if you are going to be celebrating the Super Bowl at a different location, like the majority of people, then ensure that it is a place where you can stay until you are in a better condition to be able to drive. The cops are going to be everywhere over this weekend and it’s probably likely that they are going to be looking specifically for people who are intoxicated. They have alcohol monitors that are going to catch you no matter how resistant you might be to alcohol. To them it doesn’t matter, all that matters is that your BAC is higher than his legal. So ensure that you have a safe weekend that isn’t going to be interrupted by having a place that you can stay and you do not have to drive to.

Let’s say however that you are going to be watching the game at another person’s house, but rather your goal is to watch it from a bar with a bunch of friends. In this case make sure that you have a designated driver who is willing to take you guys wherever you need to go after you have had your fun. It’s going to be rather late in the evening once the game finishes and it’s likely that everyone will be rather drunk. I’m not saying this is a bad thing because it is something to celebrate, but just ensure that you have someone who can drive you back home once the game has finished and isn’t going to get in trouble.

The final option that you should take into consideration is if you are hosting a party at your house. Ensure that your guests have a place to stay and are not going to be a problem out on the road. Let’s say that you are hosting a large party with 16 friends but you can’t exactly hold them all in your little apartment after the game. You could do the smart thing and drive a couple of them home who are relatively close and allow the others to stay the night until they are in much better shape. Not only will this alleviate some of the pressure of having 16 people in your house, but it will assist everyone by not allowing people to be a risk on the road. There is such a thing as being held responsible for someone who leaves your place of residence or business intoxicated with you knowing that they have done so. Granted be occasions where this happens are far and few between, but still there is a little bit of liability there. Allowing someone who is blatantly drunk to leave your place in a car while driving is just about as problematic as being the person who is actually driving the car. There still responsibility there and you should really ensure that you don’t get yourself in trouble by having them go out on the road and cause an accident while intoxicated.

This is a big weekend and I totally encourage that you celebrate it. It only comes once a year, and if you’re someone from Denver then it’s been a while since you’ve been to the Super Bowl. However just do it responsibly and do not put yourself at risk where you don’t need to. Keep your friends safe, and yourself safe this weekend and ensure that everyone has a great time. Don’t spoil it by getting a DUI. Play it safe and enjoy the weekend like it should be enjoyed.