BMW’s New Series 7 Is Full Of Tech

BMW has always tried to put as much tech as possible into the company’s cars, but the new Series 7 really outdoes them all. This series is equipped with a ton of tech that you may love, but you might also find confusing. If you have the coin for a new Series 7, here’s what you can expect to find inside BMW’s latest creation.

Hand Gesture Tech

Gone are the days when stereo volume was raised and lowered by buttons. Now, all you have to do is swipe your hand in the air to raise and lower the volume, and to to things like accept and reject phone calls. Swipe your hand to the left in the air, and you’ll accept an incoming call or raise the volume. Swipe your hand to the right, and you’ll reject a call and lower the volume. No buttons required, and you don’t even need to activate voice to do these basic things.

Traffic Driving Help

BMW isn’t as ready to jump onto the self-driving bandwagon as Mercedes is, but the car company is embracing some of the newer technology that surrounds things like traffic jams. The new Series 7 will help you stay in a lane if you are stuck in traffic, and it will also keep your car a safe distance from the driver in front of you – all without lifting a finger. But, you do have to go below 25 mph to activate this technology, and the car won’t drive itself by any stretch of the imagination. BMW simply isn’t ready to jump into the self-driving sphere yet.

Collision Control

The other interesting bit of technology that BMW has included in the new Series 7 is collision control help. The car will automatically veer out of harm’s way if you appear to be headed for a collision. If you are going to be involved in an accident that they car can’t prevent, it won’t stop you from colliding with another vehicle but it will activate the car’s computer braking system, so that you gain full braking access the moment that you do hit the pedal.

The Back Is Great

If you are a passenger riding in the backseat of a Series 7, you’ll have a few toys to play with as well. The car is equipped with WiFi, USB outlets, charging stations, reclining rear seats, heated armrests and headrests, a foot rest, and the center console has been turned into a touchscreen that easily reminds me of an iPad (you can control the fragrance inside the car with this – yes, this car comes with various scents!). Passengers will certainly be comfortable in this car!

Key Tech Too

BMW also added some new technology to the Series 7 key. The key includes a touchscreen of its own that lets you know things like whether or not the doors are locked and the windows are up. You can also turn on the air control from the key. Sure, you can do most of these things from apps for most new cars now, but BMW wants the Series 7 to remain luxurious, and that means putting things directly where you will want to see them. Of course, you’ll also get the basics with the new Series 7 like voice control. What else could you want in a car?

The Series 7 isn’t cheap, but with all the tech that BMW has thrown into it, you wouldn’t expect a cheap price tag. If you do shell out the cash for the new Series 7, you’ll want to make sure that your car is taken care of properly when it comes to complex matters and to basic things like a tune-up. To make sure that your Series 7 stays in excellent shape, bring your BMW into Fort Collins Foreign Car Service today!