BMW’s Super Bowl Commercial Wins

It’s a bit too early (a bit!) to start guessing which Super Bowl commercial will take the nation by storm, but BMW has released one commercial pre-game. The new BMW i3 commercial features Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel both in the past and in the present — here’s a better explanation.

A Famous News Clip

Back in 1994, Couric and Gumbel had a discussion on the Today Show about the Internet. The news clip features Couric and Gumbel trying to figure out whether or not you “talk to the Internet,” and Couric eventually asking an assistant (Alison), “What is the Internet anyway?” It might be funny to think that this news clip was once a real conversation between two news casters, but it was very real at the time when most people had no idea what the Internet was or did!

In the new BMW Super Bowl commercial, you’ll see the famous Couric and Gumbel conversation, and watch as the commercial fast forwards to today featuring Couric and Gumbel sitting inside of a new i3. After a discussion of how the car might actually work (like a wind turbine?), Couric presses a button on the console and calls Alison to ask, “What’s the i3 anyway?” This brings the commercial full circle from 1994 to today, and proves to be a good laugh for anyone that grew up with Couric and Gumbel. The commercial also showcases the new BMW i3 nicely.

So, what is the i3 anyway?

Inside The BMW I3

At first glance, the BMW i3 isn’t like any other car on the road, and it certainly doesn’t look like a BMW. The i3 is part of a group of ‘i Cars’ that BMW is currently manufacturing. The first i car to hit the market was the i8 hybrid sports car, which is really pretty to look at and will turn heads. The i3 is a family sedan, and BMW is targeting eco-conscious families with this version of an SUV.

What makes the i3 unique is that it is made entirely from sustainable materials, and it also includes a drivetrain that includes both electric and hybrid. The overall design of this SUV is completely unique with a very short hood and wheels at each corner, but unlike other hybrid models on the road, the i3 is quite spacious fitting five people comfortably. How BMW managed to add all that space inside of a SUV that looks a lot smaller is kind of an amazing engineering feat, but it’s one that any city family will absolutely appreciate.

Different Placement

You won’t find the engine of the i3 in the front of the car. The electric motor sits at the rear of the car just between the rear wheels, and the body of the entire car is made from thermoplastic, which makes the car quite light. BMW has also made sure that this car is stable even though it is light, and the company does stand behind the stability of the i3. (So, that’s not something to worry about if the thought of driving around in a plastic car concerns you.)

As an added twist, BMW has chosen to put the rear doors on backwards — they hinge at the rear, and completely open up the sides of this SUV in order to allow for maximum space. In fact, the entire car has been designed with both space and the environment in mind, and that’s clear to see when you look at the car, and when you read the specs. The BMW i3 starts at $44,000 (base), and you can add options as you go along. Is this car for everyone? Maybe not, but it is a great eco-friendly option that’s bound to get a lot of attention thanks to BMW’s clever Super Bowl commercial.

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What do you think of the i3?