Car Help 101: Give Your Car Some TLC

Your car needs some more TLC. Just think of all of the abuse that your car has endured and all of the work that it has put in for you, without even a simple recognition. That’s why you should consider pampering your vehicle with that deluxe wash next time you’re at the car wash. Or, better yet, just give it the personal wash at home. Nothing is better for car health than some one-on-one time with its owner. Okay, cars don’t really have feelings, but there are a few things you can do to really keep your car looking nice and running smoothly. In this edition of Car Help 101, we’re going to focus on how you can give your car a bit more TLC.

The most basic part of taking better care of your car is of course making sure that you get all routine maintenance done in a timely manner. Don’t neglect the oil change that your car needs. And make sure that you look at the owner’s manuals for your imported cars, in order to determine the proper schedule for getting all of that regular maintenance done. If you have lost your paper owner’s manual, all the manufacturers post the information on their websites as well.

The amount of TLC that you give your imported cars is important.

Next up, you should really try to keep you car cleaner. It doesn’t have to look like it is ready for the showroom floor all the time (though if you have one of the newer imported cars, you may want to keep it sparkly as much as possible for that extra ‘wow’ factor). Just make sure that you get your car washed at least every couple weeks. That would probably be more in the winter. The reason is not just to keep up your car’s self-esteem, but to actually maintain car health for your vehicle. This is because the salt and grime that can start to cover your car’s body can actually ruin the finish of your vehicle which will really impact its value. So, make sure to get your imported cars washed regularly.

Some of the best car help advice that we can provide is to learn how to do some basic maintenance for yourself. It’s a good money-saver to be able to do your own oil change, even if you opt to get it done professionally in order to save yourself some time. But, definitely make sure that you do the research and read your owner’s manual to make sure you don’t mess anything up. Oil changes are pretty simple, but other maintenance should be left to the professionals who can look after your vehicle’s car health every step of the way and make sure to do everything