Car Help 101: Make Sure You Are Prepared For Anything With An Emergency Road Kit

There’s not much more exciting than striking out on the open road, but the open road can be a dangerous and unpredictable place at times, so it pays to be prepared for the worst. That’s why it’s always a good idea to travel with a few essentials that you can help you in case of an emergency. In this installment of Car Help 101, we’re going to talk about the importance of having a roadside emergency kit and what you should put into it.

At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we do a lot of car repair work and we can tell you that there are a lot of different things that could possibly go wrong with your car while you are on the road simply from a mechanical standpoint. That doesn’t even take into account the other issues that could befall you on a road trip, or even on the way home from work. Most people like to think that they can’t get lost or are unlikely to get into an auto accident, but the old adage still rings true: It’s better to be safe than sorry.

So, in the spirit of providing some car help advice that can hopefully help out customers travel more safely and stay safe on the road, let’s discuss what you should put in your roadside emergency kit. The best idea is to make sure you are prepared for most eventualities, but exactly what you should put in your roadside emergency kit could vary a bit based on what your driving habits are and where you live.

With that said, there are some items that should be pretty much universal. These items are always good to have with you in your roadside emergency kit:

  1. jumper cables

  2. tire repair kit

  3. flashlight (and extra batteries)

  4. signal flags/LEDs/flares

  5. A good-sized first-aid kit

  6. wrench/ratchet set (for quick car repair jobs on the fly)

  7. tire iron (often will be included in spare tire kit)

If you live in an area that is a bit more ‘off the beaten path’ then it might be good to put a bit more survival equipment in your roadside emergency kit, such as an emergency blanket, some non-perishable food and a few extras. If you live in the mountains or in an area that gets a lot of snow, you might consider a bag of sand and a snow shovel to help get you out of tough spots.

Whatever you do, it’s always smart idea to be prepared. That’s why the auto technicians at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service recommend that you put together your own roadside emergency kit so that you can undertake a quick car repair on the road and get help if you need it.