Car Safety: It’s Important For Everyone

A lot of the discussion on this blog centers around car repairs and maintenance. Which makes sense, right? I mean, we are a car repair shop after all. But, there is a lot more to your car than just repairs and maintenance. It’s your car that you rely on day in and day out to get you where you need to go. If you’re anything like millions of other Americans, it’s how you get to work in the morning and home at night. It’s how you drop the kids off at soccer practice and it’s how you take many of your family trips.

So, what’s the most important thing to be on the lookout for when driving? No, it’s not the check engine light (although that is pretty important). It’s the basic safety measures that will make sure that your family is safe while driving (or riding) in the car. At your local auto shop, we know that some of the best advice we can pass along is to make sure to watch out for your safety on the road. Auto accidents can be ugly things and some of the best car help we can pass along is to make sure that you avoid them at all costs, and if you do get into one (god forbid) you should be prepared.

(photo by stevendepolo via Flickr)

So, what’s the number one car help tip for safety? Wear your seat belt! It takes a second to put on and it really won’t cramp your style too much, we promise. If you have small children who are riding with you they should be in a car seat. Modern cars can’t restrain and protect small children well enough without a car seat, so make sure your child is protected.

It’s also important that you make sure that you have safe driving habits to avoid any accidents and collisions. You can never be 100% protected, but you can definitely make sure that you reduce the likelihood of an accident. Most of these things are basics. DON’T talk on your cell phone when in the car and for pete’s sake definitely don’t text! Avoid driving when tired and know your blind spots. If you need to change lanes, put your blinker on beforehand and merge into the new lane slowly. That way if there is someone in your blind spot you will give them enough time to honk or slow down to allow you in.

At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, your local auto shop, we want to provide as much car help and advice that we can. Nothing is more important when driving than being safe, so make sure that you follow these simple tips and stay aware when on the road.