Check Engine Light On: Repair Advice?

So your ‘check engine’ or ‘service engine soon’ light is on in your car. When you spotted it your heart sank because you knew that something is wrong and that something might end up costing you a chunk of change at the auto shop. But, what exactly is the problem? Is it an issue with your engine’s compression? Perhaps a faulty part? Unfortunately, these lights aren’t advanced enough to diagnose the entire issue for you and give you a more specific message. And, unless you are a budding auto technician yourself, you probably won’t get a whole lot out of actually checking the engine as this bossy little light suggests.

So, what do you do? You bring your car into the auto shop for some honest repair advice, of course. The alert systems that are built-in to cars these days are not very specific, but they are fairly advanced in detection. There are a whole slew of items that your car’s computer is constantly monitoring in your engine to make sure that if there is a potential issue that you know about it and get it taken in to a professional at the repair shop who can use more advanced diagnostic tools in order to get a more specific read out that can help your auto technician diagnose the problem and determine how to fix or repair it.

When your engine light comes on, head to the auto shop for repair advice.

The repair advice that you get may range anywhere from an emissions control fault to a loose gas cap. All of this information is constantly monitored by your vehicle’s on-board computer and your technician can then use a diagnostic device to pull detailed codes from the computer in order to isolate and fix the issue.

When you bring your car to Fort Collins Foreign Car Service you can rest assured that you will be getting honest and professional service from every auto technician. While we wish that we could give you more specific information on exactly what might be the issue with your engine when you see that dreaded light, unfortunately coming in to the auto shop for a more detailed diagnostic and inspection is really the only way to know for sure. We are sure, however, that your repair advice will be accurate and honest and that any work you have done will be done right.