Classes On Car Care For Women Gaining Popularity

Let’s face it. Our country has come a long way from the days when women basically had two options: be a stay-at-home wife or stay-at-home mother. Today, women’s opportunities are much greater, although disparities certainly still do exist. But, what’s even more interesting is that even with these strides, we still have quite traditional gender roles around the household in many cases.

Don’t think so? Who mows the lawn in your household? Chances are it is a male. Who cooks the dinner most often? Chances are it’s a woman. The same gendered responsibilities typically apply to car care which is typically the domain of men. Even if all they know how to do is a simple oil change, most men see car care as their responsibility, as opposed to housekeeping or cooking.

But, there are a number of free classes now across the US which are aiming to challenge the assumption that car care is really a male thing. These car help classes are aimed specifically at women and focus on teaching them more about how to do an oil change and other simple car care tasks.

It’s certainly true that many men could also use car help courses, but it’s interesting that many of these classes are specifically aimed women. We think it’s great that either men or women learn more about car help and basic car care tasks. Learning to change your oil is a very empowering thing in its own right.

Of course, there are also more complicated repairs that usually shouldn’t be undertaken without the requisite mechanical knowledge. If you (as a man or woman) want to try a more advanced repair or maintenance task, come in and at least speak to a technician to get some car help. Otherwise you could end up seriously damaging your vehicle and that might turn you off attempting your own car care for life.

Women (and men), if you have any questions about basic car maintenance or need some car help come in and speak with us at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service. We’re happy to help prospective customers learn more about how their vehicles work, from learning to do an oil change and beyond.