Don’t Text And Drive, It’s Not Worth It

It’s just a no-brainer that you shouldn’t drink and drive. Everybody knows that after a few drinks they are mentally and physically impaired and shouldn’t be doing anything like operating a motor vehicle (or even a bicycle to be honest). The impairment that comes from texting while driving may be a little less obvious, but it is every bit as dangerous. The distraction is highly likely to cause you to take your eyes off the road long enough to cause an accident that could result in an expensive auto repair, or worse an injury or death.

(photo by via Flickr)

Since, we’re pretty sure nobody wants that to happen to themselves or anyone else on the road the smartest move is just to put the phone down. If the situation doesn’t even merit a call it certainly isn’t urgent enough to have to be taken care of right-just-now while you are driving your vehicle 75 MPH down I-25.

At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service road safety is very important to us. You could say it’s because we see the mangled aftermath of terrible auto accidents on a semi-daily basis. And every time we take a look at one of those crushed up vehicles before starting an auto repair, the one thought that goes through our minds is, “I’m glad that wasn’t my kid (or wife, or brother, or whatever)”.

So, save your own life and that of someone else and save yourself some money by not having to shell out for an expensive auto repair because you were too stubborn to put the cell phone down and wait until you are no longer driving to answer your text messages. The world will be a better, more accident-free place because you did so. And we at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service will have to see one less broken car body, or worse: hear about the broken bones, the broken hearts and the broken lives that happened because of a distracted driver.

Parents, you have a special opportunity to teach your kids of the dangers of distracted driving (including texting while driving). All of us at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service strongly urge you to take advantage of that opportunity. Your kids often will listen to you, even if you don’t think so.