For National Car Care Month, Give Your Car A Deep Clean

If you didn’t know, April is National Car Care Month. That means that you should take a little extra time to recognize and appreciate that large piece of machinery that transports you anywhere you need to go with a minimum of hassle or effort. April is when we say thank you to our cars and make sure that we are taking care of them in the best fashion possible. As your local auto shop, Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we want to make sure that your car stays in the best shape possible and a good cleaning is a part of that as well.

A great way to do this is to give your car a deep clean that will have it looking nice and shiny, and make you swell with pride. So, we encourage you to wait for a nice day and do a complete deep cleaning of your car, including exterior and interior, in order to get all the winter grime and dirt out of their and keep your car looking its best.

April is National Car Care Month.

When you are doing a deep clean of your vehicle there are several areas you will want to focus on. For the interior, these are the hard surfaces that make up your dashboard, console and the rest of the interior detailing of your vehicle and then the carpeting and seats. For the exterior, you will want to focus on bringing out the natural beauty of your car’s paint job, while also giving your undercarriage and wheels a nice cleaning to remove and dirt and grime.

Before you get started, you may want to stop by an auto center or auto parts shop in order to get a new shammy, some car wash soap and a wax or sealer. Some of these auto center shops also allow you to rent shop vacuums (sometimes for free), or there are also free vacuums at some car washes in Fort Collins. After you get done with your deep cleaning, you may want to take your car into the local auto shop in order to get any regular maintenance done that you’ve been putting off (it’s okay, we all do it). We also provide unbiased repair advice with an eye to keeping your car running longer and keeping you on the road.

At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service, we pride ourselves at helping you care for your car in every way possible. We encourage you to bring in your vehicle for a tune-up if its been a while since you had one and we can also offer an repair advice if we find anything else that needs tending to.