Foreign Cars Vs Domestic Cars: The Showdown

America is perhaps the most car-crazed culture in the history of the planet. The car was invented here, so we have reason to be proud of our automobile motoring tradition. But, since the time of Robert Henry Ford there have been a lot of challenges to American automobile manufacturing supremacy. Foreign cars have now garnered enough market share to really give domestic models a run for their money. In fact, they are preferred by Americans in many areas.

Even though foreign cars have now taken over in popularity (4 of the top 5 best selling cars in America are manufactured abroad), there is still a special place in many people’s hearts for American cars, especially the classic sports cars and muscle cars like the Chevy Corvette and the Ford Mustang. However, the golden age of muscle and power has passed to be replaced with a demand for reliable cars that provide good gas mileage. These days, power is often sacrificed for value and quality.

Either way, America’s car companies are far from down and out. After a massive public bailout, GM is doing quite well, even if it still struggles to get some of its more ambitious models (like the Chevy Volt) into the driveways of Americans across the country. American auto ingenuity is still alive and well, as demonstrated in the recent startup, Tesla Motors, which makes only high-performance all-electric vehicles.

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