Fun Car Facts, Part 2

If you are looking for a foreign vehicle repair shop in Fort Collins, then come on by Fort Collins Foreign Car Service today! We encourage you to come see first hand the quality of our auto repair work. Or, feel free to ask around the community! We let our work speak for itself! So, instead of going over our list of high quality car services, we thought we’d present another list of fun car facts instead! Enjoy!

Fun Car Stats

  • Ever wonder which make/model car is the most stolen in the continental United States? That dubious title goes to the Honda Accord!
  • Think electric cars are new? Think again! They’ve been around longer than gas powered vehicles. In fact, they were manufactured as early as 1905 by companies like Rauch & Lang. However, subsidies and innovation went to gas power after its invention in 1920, and it would take almost a century for the population to start to come full circle.
  • The American auto accident fatality rate has dropped to lower than it has ever been in half a century. Unrelated statistic? Nowadays 84 percent of people wear seat belts, as opposed to about 14 percent 50 years ago.
  • Ever wondered how to calculate horsepower?
  • What is the most expensive car in the world? As of 2008, that would be the 1961 Ferrari California Spyder, which was sold for $10,894,900 at a vintage car auction, AFTER the auctions fees were deducted.
  • Once upon a time America was a big manufacturer. That’s no longer the case, even in the auto manufacturing sector, where some big American companies are still going strong. Actually, about one out of every four cars in the world is manufactured in China.
  • Neither fun, nor maybe even surprising, most car crashes around the world result in men’s deaths than women’s. This is likely due to the prevalence of men driving (they put in more miles than women on average), as well as their tendency to drive more recklessly.

Fun Car Facts

  • It’s important to know what goes into our manufacturing. You may be surprised by what can end up in the products you use. Until 1973, for instance, you could find whale oil being used in many vehicle transmissions.
  • As of 2016, 11 different states have laws on the books allowing for driverless cars. These include Nevada, California, Florida, Arkansas, Utah, North Dakota, Louisiana, Tennessee, Vermont, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.
  • Made between 1947 and 1952, with only 170 total ever produced, the 1946 Cisitalia 202 GT is considered so beautiful a car that it has its own permanent exhibit in the New York Museum of Modern Art. The car has 0 sharp edges, being made out of one giant sheet of aluminum.
  • There has to be a first for everything, even terrible things. After automobiles came about, so did the concept of vehicular manslaughter? Wonder who the first person to fall victim to this tragic crime was? That would be Mr. H. H. Bliss, who got hit by an electric taxi cab after walking out of trolley car.
  • When is a car not a car? When it’s a plane! The Transition, known as the Flying Car, is not technically a car, but a plane that can be driven on both roads and highway (sounds like a car to us!). Its first successful flight was in 2009.
  • Remember the cassette player? Now when did those go out of style? We can tell you exactly when, actually, as the last car to be sold with a cassette player included was the 2011 Ford Crown Vic.
  • As a reward for his role as James Bond, Daniel Craig is now allowed to take any Aston Martin he wants from the factory for the remainder of his life.
  • Ever wonder what “Hyundai” means in Korean? It translates to “present day” or “modernity” in English.

Hopefully these facts proved interesting! If you are looking for a foreign vehicle repair shop in Fort Collins, then you are in the right place! Come by Fort Collins Foreign Car Service and see our work first hand for yourself! If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to give us a call. One of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.