GM Planning Car To Compete With Tesla Model S

It looks like General Motors has taken notice of the recent success of electric car maker Tesla Motors and is planning a new series of electric automobiles in order to better compete with the growing upstart. In fact, there is a new series of automobiles that the mammoth automaker is ready to roll out perhaps as early as the next few months.

In what is sure to be an interesting competition between David and Goliath, GM plans to go for a larger chunk of the electric vehicle market than it already has with its Chevy Volt (which has been selling at a very modest pace). At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service we are always keeping an eye on the automobile market and it is definitely looking like electric vehicles are slowly growing as a segment of the auto industry.

The keyword, however, is slowly. It will probably be some time before your local auto shop will need to invest any significant amount of time and energy into electric vehicles, because they still represent only a tiny sliver of the overall percentage of vehicles that are on the roads today in the US. But, that sliver is growing slowly and surely. And, that’s why our technicians and managers at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service are starting to take notice.

As a local auto shop, the time may soon come when new equipment training and expertise will need to be added in order to be able to adequately service all-electric vehicle which have significantly different components from their traditional internal combustion engine-based counterparts. This will require a significant shift that could put a large financial burden on your local auto shop, which is why it is something that we are eying with interest in order to make sure we are fully prepared.

With GM entering the electric vehicle market with more force and conviction, this trend seems to only be accelerating. Since, we at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service plan on being around for quite some time and servicing vehicles far into the future, we will definitely be on the lookout for the new developments in the area of electric vehicles.