GM Recalls An Additional 1.5 Million Vehicles, Is Your Car On The List?

General Motors(GM) announced in March 2014 a recall for several models equipped with automatic transmission in order to replace faulty transmission shift cable adjusters. This recall includes 355 vehicles. Affected 2014 models are the the Buick Regal, LaCrosse, Verano, and Enclave, the Chevrolet Impala, Malibu, Cruze, and Traverse, and the GMC Acadia.

According to Autoevolution:

“The transmission shift cable adjuster may disengage from the transmission shift lever. If that happens, the driver may be unable to shift gears and the indicated shift position may not show the gear the vehicle is in.

“Should a disengagement occur while the vehicle is being driven, when the driver goes to stop and park the vehicle, the driver may be able to shift the lever to the “Park” position, but the vehicle transmission may not be in the “Park” gear position,” the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said in a statement.

A vehicle that’s not in the “Park” position will roll away and increase the risk of injury to existing occupants and bystanders, the agency added.”

Several vehicles are currently under recall status in addition to the GMC brand. Here is a comprehensive list of the latest recalls from the NHTSA:

For any concerns, contact your auto technician or car repair professional to find out what you need to do concerning your recalled vehicle.