Guardian Interlock Systems Acquired By LMG Holdings Inc.

The Georgia-based manufacturer of ignition interlock devices, Guardian Interlock Systems, was recently acquired by LMG Holdings Inc. The move is not expected to have a significant impact on either operations or personnel and Guardian will remain a mostly independent subsidiary of its new parent company. LMG will add Guardian’s line of ignition interlock devices to its existing lineup of products, which includes LifeSaver and Monitech devices.

Guardian Interlock manufactures and leases ignition interlock devices which can be installed at a qualified auto shop. Fort Collins Foreign Car Service proudly provides Guardian ignition interlock installation. Drivers who get the devices installed typically have been required to do so by the state, or have chosen to do it on their own accord in order to reduce the amount of time that their license is suspended after a DUI conviction.

Ignition interlock devices, which can be installed at the auto shop, require the driver of the vehicle to blow into a breathalyzer like alcohol monitoring mouthpiece that ensures that they are not under the influence of alcohol before the car’s ignition can be used and the car started. The devices also require that the driver blow into the device periodically after the vehicle has been running for a while, in order to ensure that they do not imbibe alcohol while driving or idling in the car.

An ignition interlock is commonly installed at a licensed auto shop and then leased to the owner of the vehicle. The driver, who as mentioned before, is almost always someone who has been convicted of a drinking under the influence or similar violation, must pay to lease the device monthly as well as for the installation out of their own pocket. This is designed to be a further penalty for the conviction although it does carry the additional reward that getting the device installed and using it without incident may reduce the amount of time that the offender must drive with the restricted license. Typically, without a restricted license which can only be acquired through the installation of an ignition interlock device, a driver convicted of a DUI violation cannot legally drive at all, until their license is reinstated which can be a year or more depending on the specific characteristics surrounding the incident.