How To Deal With Colorado Highway Construction

There is a lot of road construction over the entire state of Colorado. You will find huge lines of irate drivers honking their horns (like that will do any good), and folks frantically on their cell phones calling their children’s schools because they are going to be late. So, although, not a standard driving tool most of us can buy and put in our trunks, you will need extra time and patience. Any trip you undertake, be it to DIA, up to the mountains, or somewhere along I-70 will be slow, full of detours, and nerve wreaking.

Just after entering the little hamlet of Walden, signs will direct all drivers wanting to take the standard roads to either Silverthorn or Steamboat Springs to forget about taking highway 14 and drive the detour. You will not have a choice. That’s because the patch of highway from Walden to the intersection of Highway 14 and Highway 40 is under construction. If you want to connect up with I-25 that is also out. And, it will be all winter. This will be especially interesting if you are driving at night or early in the morning. The detour consists of roller coaster style county roads and dirt cut offs. When the fog rolls in (and it does) visibility will be at zero.

Even afternoon driving can be pretty intense, with rain, dust and even snow marring visibility. The construction company has done their best to put up lighted signs telling you when to turn from this dirt road to that dirt road as you are maneuvering your way to Highway 40, but there are plenty of opportunities to turn off on a dirt road thinking you are going straight and end up in a field. It is very difficult. Plan on going about 20 miles an hour, and enjoying the experiencing of your vehicle roughly bouncing up and down over the rough roads all the way. Hopefully your car and your sanity will survive this particular detour without needing a trip to your Fort Collins Automotive shop after you get through the detour.

Driving to DIA will net a similar experience. One lane traffic, very slow progress, and irate drivers. Keep your cool, give yourself a lot of extra time when traveling anywhere in the state, and maintain good driving habits. Accidents have increased during Colorado road construction, because people are simply too distracted or impatient to sit it out and go slow. your Fort Collins Automotive shop does not want you getting rear ended by an impatient driver, or getting sideswiped by someone trying to cut in front of you in a lane. Be cautious, be patient, and keep your cool. If you are traveling with children, or pets, or easily bored passengers, bring a lot of snacks, water and activities to help everyone stay calm and entertained.

So remember, first must have: give yourself an hour or more extra time wherever you plan to go that involves using any of the Colorado highways under construction.

Here is a very long list from CDOT with current road restrictions.

Here is yet another C-Dot list of current road construction in Colorado:

We will highlight a few for you:

I-76 Brush Reconstruction

North I-25 (Denver to Wyoming)

SH 14 over the Poudre River

SH 14 Sterling Resurfacing

SH 93 South of Boulder

State Highway 14 Corridor

US 34 East

US 36 Lyons to Estes

US 85 Safety Improvements

US 287 Resurfacing in Fort Collins

When checking the list, it might actually be harder to find a road that is passable, not weather or construction prohibited. These types of conditions do lead to more accidents, and we want everyone to be cautious and careful. We at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service would much prefer to help you with axle damage or a cracked windshield from detouring through dirt roads than have you undergo the trauma of a serious accident. Remember, whatever these conditions put your vehicle through, Fort Collins auto repair can deal with it, and get your car back in tip top shape.

Bring plenty of snacks, water, activities for passengers, and a lot of patience. Give yourself extra time. Drive safe, and be careful.