Ignition Interlock System Thwarts Would-Be Shoplifter

It seems that ignition interlock devices can be useful for more than just preventing drunken driving. They also might be able to stop shoplifters? Well, actually that is exactly what happened when a Connecticut man tried to escape from his pursuers after running off with some clothing and other merchandise from a TJ Maxx store (nice choice for a mark, right?)

The man, Levar Fulgham, attempted to escape from the authorities with nearly $5,000 in designer merchandise when he made a crucial mistake in picking a getaway vehicle to appropriate for his escape. That’s right, the car that he chose to use as his escape vehicle was equipped with an ignition interlock device.

Although, Fulgham wasn’t intoxicated, the alcohol monitor device confounded him for just long enough to allow the police to apprehend him as he frantically revved the engine and attempted to put the vehicle in gear to no avail.

Apparently Fulgham had never seen or used an ignition interlock device and couldn’t figure out how it worked or how to get the car to start so he could speed off into the distance. Unfortunately, for Fulgham, he had never been an alcoholic or been convicted of a DUI. Otherwise he might have quickly understood what he needed to do. But, in all seriousness, this kind of situation is just a freak occurrence which could be seen as divine intervention or maybe just a spot of very bad luck for this would-be burglar.

Officers watching were understandable amused by this and they soon brought him to justice. He now faces a litany of charges including larceny in just about every degree, interfering with police and the refusal to be fingerprinted. After the ignition interlock thwarted his shoplifting attempt, Fulgham is now facing bail of $100,000.

This is something that police officers hadn’t anticipated aiding them in their attempt to apprehend the suspect, but we think it’s just another reason in a long list of uses for the ignition interlock devices which are apparently good for more than just preventing drunken driving. Is there anything that these alcohol monitor devices can’t do?