Is A Hybrid Car For You?

Hybrid cars certainly have an appeal to anyone that’s trying to cut back on fuel costs. But recent sales of hybrid cars have been steadily dropping. Is this because people no longer care about fuel costs, or is it more likely that it’s difficult to justify the price of a hybrid car? Here’s a closer look at why some people aren’t finding hybrid cars appealing, and whether or not a hybrid car is a good choice for you (and your wallet).

Justifying A Hybrid Car

The idea of driving a fuel-saving Tesla or full hybrid model down the street can seem like a very appealing one. Not only are some of the newest hybrid models sleek looking and fast, but they also have a sort of cool appeal to them. All of this is fine if you can really justify the cost savings you’ll get from buying a hybrid vehicle – but a lot of people can’t. At the start, a hybrid vehicle of almost any kind will cost more than a traditional gas powered car. That upfront cost is the one reason why many people won’t go the hybrid route.

Following that upfront cost, you have to consider how much you pay in gas every month, and then on a yearly basis. So if you’re paying $50 per week for gas, multiply that number by 4 (weeks in a month), and then by 12, and you have your yearly expensive when it comes to fuel ($2400). Is that enough to justify the monthly payments on a hybrid? Maybe not. But you can also look at the much bigger picture. How much money will you save over the course of ten years?

Still, it’s hard to look that far ahead for most consumers, and it might not be within your best interests to go the hybrid route.

The Other Option

Unfortunately, there’s only one other option if you want to drive your own car, and that other option is to settle for a traditional fuel-based car. But what if you want to cut back on gas expenses while still buying a traditional car? You can do so by purchasing a newer car that is more energy efficient – older models and some luxury cars tend to burn more gas, and this means that you will spend more in gas (makes sense, right?).

So even if you have an older car that’s all paid off, compare the price that you’re paying to keep that older paid car to a newer car when it comes to gas consumption. You will probably find that your older car is actually costing you more than a newer car would. The other way to make sure that you aren’t spending too much on that luxury car or older car is to keep it in good shape all the time. The more you neglect basic repairs on a car, the more money that car will take in the long run.

Is A Hybrid Right For You?

If you don’t drive that much, you may not be able to justify the higher price of a hybrid when compared to the amount that you spend in fuel. If you drive a lot and spend a lot on gas, it’s worth doing the math. Either way, keeping any car that you purchase up to date when it comes to repairs and other details is the best way to make sure that the car you do buy will not cost you too much money.

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