Lexus And Toyota Take Top Spots For Reliability In New Consumer Reports Survey

Consumer Reports, which has been providing useful information to consumers for several decades now, has just released their most recent reliability survey for automobile brands. The popular consumer info magazine polled over a million different car owners about the reliability of their vehicle, including how often they require a car repair, in order to put together a list of the most reliable vehicles. No surprise here, but the lost was topped by imported cars, including Lexus, Toyota and Acura.

That’s right, it looks like for reliability and durability you still can’t beat imported cars. In fact, the Japanese still have everyone chasing them as they took the top 3 spots with Lexus, Toyota and Acura; all makes that are revered for their reliability.

But, there was some good news for American domestic brands. Carmakers like GMC and other American brands have moved up in the rankings compared to Consumer Reports’ last survey. Although, Ford and Lincoln were lower because of issues that they have had with their proprietary computer interface, My Touch. That’s a shame because Ford has otherwise been getting a better rap when it comes to reliability and likelihood of car repair.

Looking at other imported cars, the highest rated European make might actually surprise you. It wasn’t BMW or Mercedes, who are certainly known as high-end, but instead Audi, whose brand is fast catching up to these luxury behemoths and it appears has already passed them in terms of overall reliability according to Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports’ full survey has a wealth of additional information about which makes and models are the best to choose in terms of reliability. See their website or pick up the most recent magazine for more information.

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