Make Sure Your Car Is Ready For Your Summer Road Trip

Well, it looks like the weather here in northern Colorado is just going to skip spring altogether and push us right into the summer time. This week is supposed to be high 80’s and low 90’s and next week might not be much cooler, either. So, in the spirit of summer which seems to come earlier and earlier each year, we’re going to discuss the importance of making sure that your car is ready for that summer road trip.

If you are planning a vacation this summer and you live in America, you probably only have two options: fly or drive. If you opt to fly you will probably be spending more money, though you will also get there faster. Of course, since the trip is not about the destination (it’s about the journey) we always prefer the road trip, complete with random tangents to look at strange ‘points of interest’ such as the inevitable world’s largest [whatever] that crop up in rural towns across America.

Make sure you get your vehicle checked out, before that summer road trip. (photo by nikoretro via Flickr)

If you do decide to go for the road trip, you will want to make sure that you head to your nearest auto repair shop in order to take advantage of a car maintenance service and get your vehicle checked out. When road tripping, you will be putting a lot of miles (and a lot of stress) on your vehicle. The summer heat only adds to that stress (especially if you will be driving along with the A/C cranked up to 11). So, make sure you bring your car to Fort Collins Foreign Car Service. We offer import car service as well as domestic repair and maintenance services. If you are in need of a good car maintenance service, or just a simple check-up, we can deliver with the expertise and the affordable price point that will get you back on the road without a worry and at the right price.

We don’t only offer import car service despite our name, we also work on nearly all makes and models of domestic vehicles as well. We offer some of the best auto technicians in the Fort Collins area and can tackle nearly any auto repair that you throw at us. Of course, we also provide the car maintenance service that you need, whether it be a simple oil change, a tire rotation, air conditioner maintenance or anything else. Give us a call or stop on by, we’ll be waiting for you.