New Years Is Coming. Don’t Get A DUI

New Year’s is just around the corner, which means that it’s that time a year again where everybody gets together with their friends and celebrates the birth of the new year according to our calendar. However, all of that partying should not be taken out to the street because this is one of the times with the police will end up being more prevalent than the people who are partying. This is one of the largest times of the year for police to give out DUIs. Don’t let yourself become a statistic and end up paying them a crap ton of money and possibly in jail depending upon the situation. They are not going to give the people they catch a break.

New Year’s is such a wonderful time of year. For the most part it’s nothing but happiness and people actually getting together to simply enjoy each other’s company. However, DUIs are an unfortunate side effect of people partying and not understanding that they need to find a place to stay the night instead of wandering around in their vehicle putting other people’s lives at risk. It’s more of a common sense thing that it is an epidemic however. Or, perhaps it’s an epidemic of a lack of common sense which puts people on the road when they are inebriated. Either way, you can be sure that the police are going to end up catching you considering they likely will set up a lot of stations on main roads trying to catch those people who are headed home and completely out of their minds.

Now, at this point you may be thinking that the police are the bad guys here. It’s true that they are thrown under the bus quite often whether they deserve it or not. However, in this case the police are simply there to try to protect everyone else from the stupidity of the individuals who are willing to go out and put everyone’s lives at risk. Believe it or not they are actually trying to help and if you are the one who is dumb enough to go drinking and then try to drive yourself home while you are drunk out of your skull, then it’s almost a deserve it punishment. You should be smart enough to know that alcohol and driving do not mix. It’s only been taught to us ever since we were kids that liquor is not something to drink while you are in the car, and beginning the car is not a good idea while you have liquor inside of you. Argue semantics all you want, this is just the way it it’s. People know that it turns even the best of drivers into the worst of drivers. Don’t try to figure this out for yourself and risk driving home while drunk. Getting a DUI is really not a laughing matter as it can lead to jail time and a really really really large fine which you are likely do not want to pay. Unless you are loaded beyond belief, paying any sort of Bill should give you the shivers, especially if it’s one that you could have avoided. There are many that you can actually say that about.

New Year’s is a wonderful time where people get together and understand that it’s simply to enjoy each other’s company. All that we ask is that you don’t fall under the alcohol Monitor of the police and get a DUI because you are too foolish to realize that you needed to stay in one place. There are many different options for traveling if you feel like you are drunk, none of which are all that expensive. Especially when you take into consideration how much a DUI ticket actually costs in both time and money. If you think about it, time is money and you lose both time and money when you get a DUI ticket, therefore you are losing money squared for a foolish decision that could have been completely avoided.

Enjoy yourself this New Year’s. We encourage you to have fun with the people that you have come to know the best. Just do so and remember that you shouldn’t drive home, and once you are finished you can pick up a That does not cost all that much to end up back at your place. Finding a ride while you are sober is much easier than finding one while you are drunk. It’s not going to be all that hard to end up going back to either your friends place, or the bar that you left to pick up your vehicle. The police would much rather see you leave your vehicle somewhere that it shouldn’t be than to try to drive it out while you are drunk. There are far too many options that you have at your disposal that completely trump the option of driving while drunk. So don’t do it.