Overall Automotive Expertise With A Focus On Imports

When you need an expert, do you call someone who has a well-rounded understanding of an entire field or someone who is focused only on the one specific area that you need help? Of course, the answer to this question should be both. That’s the biggest issue in auto repair. It is one of the major distinctions between auto technicians at a major dealership and those who run their own repair shops, like us at Fort Collins Foreign Car Service.

We want to provide you the best service. That’s why we focus on your car needs.

There are some who argue that getting the work done by someone who does nothing more than a particular make will result in better quality work. This logic seems sound, but the most obvious downside to choosing a specialist like this is that they tend to work for the larger dealerships, they are highly-trained in one particular area and they are more expensive to employ.

That’s how a lot of people break down the distinction between the dealership and the local auto shop. It’s either more expensive specialized experts at the dealership or the more affordable and broader expertise of the technicians at your local auto repair joint. But, this analysis actually misses some of the advantages that the technicians at the independent auto shop have. This goes back to our initial question: What kind of advice and expertise do you want? The specialist with the specific knowledge or the generalist with the background and big picture who can understand the whole context?

In auto repair, you don’t have to pick one or the other. You can come to a local auto shop like Fort Collins Foreign Car Service and get both at a more affordable price. This is because Fort Collins Foreign Car Service focuses on imports but has decades of experience working on domestics and all other models of cars as well. We have specialists and generalists. What this means for you is that you end up getting advice that is coming from an expert in your make of vehicle, while also getting the knowledge of how and why cars break down in the first place and what other things can be done to prevent this in the first place.

At Fort Collins Foreign Car Service we strive to provide you with a full-service auto repair shop that doesn’t just know how to do the work right, but also why the work should be done and how you can avoid needing that auto repair in the first place. We do all of this at an affordable price and we make sure that we always keep you in the loop on everything. That’s what sets us apart.